The lady at LV told me..

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  1. [​IMG]

    The Santa Barbara Cross Sandal will come in BLACK!

    She said she just got them in, and that they aren't releaced yet.
    But they have them!

    So if you need some beautiful black shoes, there you go!
    She didn't say the date they come out yet, but be on the look out!
  2. Thanks for the info! That's a really cute style.
  3. Those are GORGEOUS but look really uncomfortable!
  4. Yes, a shiny black.
  5. OMG those are going to be stunning beyond words!! I may be seeing my first LV shoes in the future. :nuts:
  6. Fabulous shoes!
  7. I was admiring all the shoes on and when are all those shoes being released?
  8. oh my god, they are *hot* Now I really need a job, because I *want* those shoes :drool::love::heart: does anybody know approx. price?
  9. I thought those shoes were released, I saw them at the boutique today--black patent leather.
  10. beautiful!!
  11. I can't get over how hot they are - I need them in both black and silver. I hope they're comfy, lol.
  12. Very nice in black patent leather!
  13. Those are gorgeous shoes! I love the silver, but I think they will look absolutely stunning in black! Thanks for the info!!
  14. Wow~!

    Amazingly, i saw someone trying them on yesterday in Sydney!

    its a shiny black. It looks uncomfortable though
  15. Ok, me again (third time in this small thread, whops:shame: ) I talked to my mom, and she loved them too, so I'm getting a pair for my birthday if they have them in Norway :yahoo: