The Kujo factor

  1. So, I am new to tPF and I am just browsing, when I find this forum.

    Well, I am so in love with my dog I had to write...

    I have a puppy. His is only 8 months old, and he is huge! Ceasar is an American Staffordshire Pit Bull/Rotweiller mix. And ALL of my family freaked out "he is going to eat your babies!" The only one who wasn't afraid, other than me, was my babies! They are best friends!

    Kujo, I don't think so! He won't stop kissing you long enough to bite! It is all in the way you raise them. So much like your children it is amazing! Just like my two boys he just wants to be loved, fed, taken to the bathroom, fed, loved, and loved and fed some more!

    I really hope no one tries to break into my house, they might scare my dog!
    IMG_3547.JPG IMG_3290.JPG
  2. OMG isn't he a cutie!!!! Ceasar is certainly large. I know what you mean about burgulars scaring him. I have a pit/lab mix 1.5 old male. He's the biggest sissy I've ever met!
  3. halona, thanks for the reply! Why do people think pits are so mean and scary? By the way-I love your bags! Very nice. My personal fav is the BBag. The color is outstanding! That would look nice on my arm with the dog leash!
  4. Because all most people ever hear are horror stories. They don't hear the stories about the loving dogs they can be if raised in aloving home like yours.

    Your dog is so cute. My neighbor had an American bulldog that looked big and scary but was the sweetest dog ever. It just proves you can't judge by looks alone. By the way your little boy is so cute. He looks just like my cousin.
  5. Both ur boy and ur dog are Cute!! I have 6 dogs and i koe they'd nv harm my brothers kid.. i dun care wat my relatives says.. laa...laa..laaaa....
  6. LOL he is cuuuute!

    I just adore huge dogs who sit there, pant and let kids crawl all over them. They're just happy to be around their family and they don't want anything more. I love their sad eyes and those gorgeous little eyebrow bumps LOL
  7. He is huuge!! and very very sweet looking. :smile:
  8. What a big, giant, pretty doggie! And such a cute little boy too!
  9. Awww, what a gorgeous puppy! You can tell he's sweet just by looking into those big eyes!
  10. Thanks on the compliments on both of my babies! I think I am in trouble with both the dog and the boys-

    I have people asking me if I want to get rid of the dog

    And I have the little girls starting to get googly-eyed over my oldest boy!

    I almost wish Ceasar WAS kujo-to keep the girls away!

    He is the sweetest dog in the world. But, unfortunately, he snores and he drolls, and he has to touched constantly. Which means if he isn't sleeping on my pillow he is sleeping on me! I can't remember the last time I was allowed to snuggle with my husband between the kids and the dog! But, oh, I love them all! What a lucky woman I am!
  11. Is he a brindle? He has a very handsome coat. I love his face--such a gentle giant. My Boxer drools over everything and when he shakes his head, there is slobber everywhere! I'll bet Caesar does the same thing. Your boys are cuties too.

    Welcome to the Purse Forum and Animalicious! I love big dogs (actually all animals) so much.
  12. really adorable!! :smile:
  13. Thanks for the welcome and the compliments, ladies! Yes, boxer mom, he is brindle. He only drools when he eats, drinks, and sleeps...and of course that is all over me every time! He doesn't leave my side- and I love it! Nothing better than Momma's boys!
  14. Your pup is certainly adorable! And I know what you mean, my golden retriever might lick a burglar to death! Welcome!