The Kourtney Kardashian & Scott Disick Thread

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    This thread is for news and gossip only. It's not reserved only for negative news or only positive news.

    Please do not have personal chats in this thread and please discuss her show in our TV forum.

    Remain respectful at all times, if you aren't talking directly about Kourt + family, then it doesn't belong. NO personal comments about/to members in this thread and we highly recommending using the Ignore User function.

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  2. Pregnant Kourtney Kardashian held her daughter Penelope in her lap for a family helicopter ride to the Hamptons on Saturday.

    The expecting 35-year-old and her toddler - who turns 2 next month - waved as their aerial transport lifted off the heliport at New York's East River Piers.

    The brunette socialite - due in December - was dressed down in a black T-shirt and striped harem trousers as she escorted her daughter and four-year-old son Mason.

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  3. Wow I can't believe penny is almost 2 already it seems like she just had her yesterday. So is mason 4 or 5 then? I wonder if she's going to settle down more permanently for him to start school? I know the k's don't really value education but I feel like out of all of them two kollege kourt would be the most likely to actually make her kids go to school. I could see khloe making her kids go to school but she doesn't have any yet.
  4. Mason looks like such a sweetie, I hope he interacts with other kids.
  5. Both the kids are so cute IMO!!
  6. ....yeah I don't find her kids cute lol
    but they look happy and well cared for and that's what's important.
    are there pics of Penny smiling? people say Norf never smiles but idk if I see pics of HennyPenny smiling either.
  7. Penny always seems to have Scott's scowl in every pic
  8. Penelope never looks amused and I love it.

    Kourtney's style leaves a lot to be desired (as usual) but her face looks younger and fresher than it has in a while. Pregnancy suits her.
  9. +1
  10. Feel the same way.
  11. Penny isnt "stereotypical baby type of cute" but there's something about her that i find adorable, i think its the facial expressions.
  12. Penelope is like Grumpy cat - from a cat perspective he's pretty goofy looking, but his expressions still slay.

  13. Hahaha so true!
  14. Agree, 1000%
  15. OMG, Mason is adorbs! I'm watching the episode now - he's such a little grown up. He's a sweet, tiny, articulate person. You can tell he loves his little sister. Dear god, I hope he turns out all right.

    ETA: Live shot of P smiling! She was amused at Mase racing with Bruce. The show needs more of that instead of fake drams and whiny, vocal fry voices.