The KOALA Club!!

  1. As many Koala owners are on this board, I'm surprised no one started this club!! So calling all Koala owners...wallets, agendas, whatever! Doesn't matter what line, just as long as it's a KOALA!! :wlae:

    So I'll start:

    Damier Koala Wallet--



    Monogram Koala Agenda (Rose)


  2. B E A U T I F U L :love:
  3. I'm in! Lovin' my Koala Agenda as wallet, and that clicky Koala-nose closure is delightful!:love:
    agenda1.jpg agenda5.jpg agenda6.jpg
  4. I know--it's so much fun each time you open it :smile:

    I'm loving mine . . . just waiting anxiously for my filofax pages to arrive (the local store didn't have much, just a calendar)

    Thanks you guys so much--I had been staring at the agenda on elux for ages, but seeing everyone's pictures really sold me on it!!:yes:
  5. I :heart: the koala items!

    I apologize for the photos...I could not seem to get the lighting to work with me this morning.

    Here are mine (mono koala wallet & koala agenda) ~

    Inside of the koala agenda (rose lining for me too) ~
  6. Im Joining This Week!!!!!!!! :love::drinkup::party::drinks:
  7. ^^i have a Black Multicolor koala wallet and a Damier koala agenda PM!!!!
  8. I'm in! :smile:

    Here's my white Koala multicolore wallet, which I love to bits because it says FUN! all over it. :tender:


  9. me too!! damier koala being the newest member of the family!!
  10. me, me!!! i'm in too! :smile: my epi koala wallet :nuts:
  11. Count me in! I have a mono wallet, I don't seem to have a pic of it for some reason though.
  12. Ooooh I can join another club!! New Koala wallet in da house!
  13. My cutie Koala.:heart:
    Mono_Agenda_Koala_PM copy.jpg Mono_Agenda_Koala_PM_1 copy.jpg
  14. pink koala agenda for me!

    agenda front.jpg

    agenda inside.jpg
  15. Im a member! My mono koala wallet:nuts:
    DSC03846.JPG DSC03848.JPG