The Knot that "got away" has come home - Nero Galuchat Deco Knot

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  1. :loveeyes: :heart: :loveeyes:

    It couldn't be more gorgeous!!!!
  2. Dark, beautiful and unique. I like it.
  3. I think this was one of the most beautiful knots ever
    Tomas really out did himself
    ksuromax likes this.
  4. OMG :love:! I've been after this for years as well and it's still on my NAP wishlist :lol: Maybe one day...
  5. Wow, wow, wow! It seems like it was meant to be yours. What a stunning Knot. I can’t decide which is more stunning—this one, or the engraved silver one. Gorgeous. Enjoy!
  6. Thinking about it and finding it after all this time makes it even more special.
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