The Knot that "got away" has come home - Nero Galuchat Deco Knot

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  1. It’s more than beautiful; it’s stunning actually.
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  2. Beautiful :heart:
  3. Fabulous Knot and what a fair and happy ending! it could not get into better hands! Major congrats!! :drinks:
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  4. Congrats on finding your dream knot! It’s beautiful!
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  5. Good things come to those that wait. This knot is so stunning and the fact that a friend found it for you makes this piece even more special. Wear it in good health!
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  6. Wow that is a beautiful work of wearable art!
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  7. Congrats! That imho is the most beautiful Knot BV ever made. Enjoy!
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  8. Oh my gosh! Its a real treasure:heart:
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  9. It sure does, thanks for making me buy it!
  10. So, I don't think the "jewel" adornments are hematite. I think they are hammered silver "gems." @hotshot, do you agree? You are my Knot go to person. BTW, using silver instead of hematite does not affect my love for this Knot in any way.
  11. In the article that I mention that @Megs wrote, the metal studs are hammered in such a way to make them look like ‘faceted stones’.
  12. oh it is beautiful! Congrats on your amazing find.
  13. Congratulations, jburgh!

    They're metal "gems". I really like the optical illusion of the center gem -- it looks like a flower at first glance, but it's just round. I have this knot in black and mineral. The black is much more striking.
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  14. Agree here.. the knot has the richness of a beautiful patina from being hammered..
  15. Patience paid off. This is a work of art! Breathtakingly beautiful!!!!