The Knot that "got away" has come home - Nero Galuchat Deco Knot

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  1. It has been a long while since a new or new to me BV has moved in. I've been looking for this Knot for 9 years. Patience pays off, indeed.

    Thank you to a good friend that remembers everything and regularly looks for this specific item on the secondary market. I was shocked to see it was still available, and scrambled to buy it.

    Presenting the F/W 2009 Nero Galuchat Deco Knot. Black Stingray adorned in Hematite "jewels" and sterling hammered frame and top knot. I cannot stop looking at this and am still shocked it was available. It came from the RealReal. Here are the 3 best photos. It is black leather inside and photos just look black..

    NGKnot side.jpg NGKnot top.jpg NGKnot bottom.jpg
  2. I know that you have been coveting this knot for a long time. It was meant to come your way
    ENJOY :biggrin:& wear it well.
    What's knot to love!!
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  3. Gorgeous. Stingray is beautiful.
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  4. This is just gorgeous. An absolutely rare artwork, that you can also wear. I can totally see this being worn with black dress and black strappy heels - and you are easily the stylish person already in the party (maybe a similar tone earrings or bangle)... thanks for sharing... this is why I believe bag is a wearable art!
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  5. Wearable art it is & that's why many of us love these "knots"
    Workmanship, details & use of unexpected materials make BV the standout that it is, JMO
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  6. Congrats!!! 9 years, wow! Makes it even more special!
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  7. It is gorgeous and what a wait! Congrats and enjoy!
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  8. Oh my goodness - this is one of my all time favorite knots! So glad you found it !
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  9. Oh wow this is amazing. I am so happy for you!

    So there’s hope for me finding a moon Cabat someday...
  10. Congrats, jburgh! I remember this- one of my favourite knots of all time.
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  11. So very, very happy for you. Such a beauty.
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  12. OMG, stunning! Indeed, good things come to those who wait!
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  14. Thank you for your kind words. Forgot to let you all know, it is heavy! I weighed it and it was 1.62 pounds, or 735 grams.
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  15. :smile: So glad that scale comes in handy ...
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