The Knot and the IPhone X

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  1. Has anyone has purchased the IPhone X and tried to see if it would fit in a classic knot?

    I went up in phone size when the 6 Plus came out and hated that I couldn’t use it with my classic knots. I ended up getting rid of my knots because of it. As I remember the 6 would fit in a knot and the X is only slightly larger than the 6– so I am curious whether the X will fit !

    I know that BV is coming out with the new size knot (with the chain strap) that may help those with larger phones, but my specific interest is the classic size and the IPhone X.
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    I just read that the x measures 2.79 x 5.65. Not sure it’s accurate.
  3. Thanks!

    In theory, it seems like it would fit, but I remember getting an iPhone 6 in the classic knot required a bit of leaning and positioning.

    The knot measurements (from BV website) are : 6.7 x 3.9 x 2
    The iPhone 6 measurements are : 5.44 x 2.64 x .27
    And as you said, the iPhone X is 5.65 x 2.79 x.30

    I don't have any classics anymore, so I am hoping that a BVette is getting an iPhone X and can tell me whether it fits.
  4. I think we might be able to find a SA with one and ask them to try it for size?
  5. Good idea!
  6. I purposely bought an iPhone SE because I didn’t want a huge phone
    I wanted it to fit into everything
  7. My 6plus has been acting up. It’s frustrating. Been thinking about trying one of those basic smart phones that the phone company offers. They’re geared toward seniors with huge font and limited internet actions, and I’m a senior. I usually use my ipad for internet access. Technology is so great until it gets passive-aggressive, seems like it’s fine but refuses to work properly. Maybe it just changes faster than I can....
  8. I miss my BB, I could type like a teenager on that :giggle:
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  9. Me too! The knots are beautiful I hope it works out with the new iphone
  10. Lol me too!!!! Oh the days when I could have both thumbs going.
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  11. Sbelle, nice to see you. I can’t speak about the X but I know I have to wedge my regular 6 into my knot and the last time I needed a butter knife to pry it out.
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    Made me laugh! I thought the 6 wasn't an easy fit! I think the X will be even a little worse because it is slightly bigger.

    I was told by an BV SA that the new knots with the chains were an attempt to give people with larger phones an option besides the stretch knot.

    The new knot dimensions will be: 7.9 x 4.7 x 2
    according to this....

    as compared to:
    classic knot which is 6.6 x 3.9 x 2 and
    stretch knot which is 9.6 x 3.7 x 1.6
  13. +1
    My boss dropped his jaw when he saw me typing on my BB :lol:
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  14. I don't have the iPhone X yet, but I do have the case, which I tested in the classic knot; it didn't fit. It was just a little too big at the corners. You might be able to squeeze the phone in without the case. I expect the stretch knot will work.
  15. Hello my friend! :hugs:
    Thanks for the feedback. I expected as much, but was just hoping. I really miss my classic knots.