the knob on my coach bag broke

  1. I have a bag similar to this:
    and the little knob in the center that is on the front just fell off today! :tdown:
  2. AWW, I'm sorry!! Don't worry though, because you can take it to coach and they should fix it for free! There is a $20 fee for shipping, but my SA's have waived that for me! I think most of them do this. The only downfall is that it takes a little over a month to get done.

    Keep us posted :flowers:
  3. Yeah Coach would fix it for you with a charge of $20 shipping... don't we love coach warranty policy? :tup:
  4. I had that happen to one of my legacy bags from the winter 06 line. I took it to the store and they fixed it without charging me the shipping fee. It might depend on how old the bag is?
  5. like the other girls said

    just take it in and it will be taken care of, the only downfall is the waiting.
  6. I found this on the Coach website today while i was researching something else..

    The turnlock closure on my handbag needs replacing. Is that something I can do myself?
    We can send you a new turnlock with instructions for replacement. Please call 1-888-262-6224 for more information.

  7. They may be able to send you the turnlock but I don't think they can on any of the legacy items. Call Jax and tell them the item # and they can tell you. If you take it into the store they will more than likely waive the $20 fee but as other said it does take 4-6 weeks or so. :yes:
  8. good to know...thanks :tup: