The Kirsten

  1. Anyone have it? any photos of it? Modeling it? I'm dying to see how it looks.
  2. there are quite afew about but here are mine from the lv in action thread it is the silver. I am wearing it pretty casually black lv shawl, white vest and dark jeans, most people say it's an evening bag but I think you can use it anytime

  3. Hi Belle. A thread about my Kirsten including modeling pics is on page 6. I don't know how to move it here.
  4. i learnt a new trick here we go

    kathyD's thread
  5. lol. How'd you do that Label Adict??
    BTW, you look great with your black shawl & Kirsten!!

  6. Thank you!

    Megs taught me it's pretty easy actually
    step 1. find the thread you want to make the link open it and highlight the the full address from the web broswer thing (you know the bit where you type www.etc etc) and "copy"
    step 2. go to the thread you are putting the link in and type the words you want to be the link example kathyD's thread.
    Step 3. Highlight the words and on the little toolbar above where you type your post there is a world with a chain link click that and then "paste" the text you copied in step 1.

    and that should do it
  7. Label addict, you model it so well!
  8. aww thank you!

    my bf was inspired by the LV in action thread and was running ahead snapping pics on his phone it was like my own little paparazzi!
  9. I SO LOVE THAT BAG! I'm going to have to break my 3 bag rule and 'bag budget' (because I also plan to get a Damier Speedy this year and have already purchased 2 bags so
    That bag is so beautiful! I'm going to HAVE TO get it....LOL
  10. You look great!!!:biggrin:

  11. LOL Rules never work when tpf is involved!

  12. thank you!!
  13. So cute!
  14. I thought I'd be strong enough to not allow myself to be influenced....LOL
    Really, your pictures sealed my love for this bag. You look so great with it on. I especially like the third photo. I can so see myself carrying it that way! I also agree that it would make a great day or evening bag. Seeing it on truly helps a lot! Thanks!
  15. I don't have one but I think it's SO cute!