The king has left the building...

  1. ...not yet, but in a few hours I'll be going home and on Saturday I'll be hitting the Swiss slopes for a week - it's skiiing time! Ya'll behave while I am gone, Queen Megs and our 5 dwarves... ehm... I mean mods... will be keeping a close watch over the Kingdom of The Purse. :lol:

    Have a wonderful week everybody, catch you all later.
  2. Have a great time!!! We'll miss you!
  3. have fun we'll miss you around here :biggrin:
  4. That is so cute, Mr. King, don't worry we will behave! I hope you have soooo much fun! I kno I won't I have so many papers due, sooo much homework! But once again, go have FUN!!!!!
  5. Have fun, we promise to behave ourselves :suspiciou :P
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  6. Have fun skiing!!! that's sounds like a great idea right now, I wish I was going skiing.
  7. Have a great time Vlad! :biggrin: :nuts: I miss Switzerland!!!
  8. It's a much deserved vacation, Vlad. You do so much around here! Have fun!
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  9. How fun! Have fun~
  10. way to rub it in. I would love to be skiing in the swiss alps, so have fun for all of us. do you board or ski?

  11. I ski. I used to go every year from my 6th birthday, but then due to school, swimming, and other responsibilities I haven't gotten around to ski in like 8 years. I don't feel like picking up snowboarding now, maybe at a later point when I'll have more time.
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  12. Why isn't Meg going?
  13. dwarf number one reporting for duty!
  14. I love your posts; they are all so entertaining! :lol:
  15. Have fun!
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