The Kindness of Strangers

  1. So nice of your Angel! Waterlily is such a pretty one!
  2. Whoa! I really like those two colors! So pretty!!!
  3. WOW, both polishes are just gorgeous!
  4. What great mail! And such wonderful angels you have!
  5. I left work early today because I was feeling sick, so I can't even describe how much it brightened my day to come home to an amazing gift from a wonderful tpf'er!

    She satisfied two of my biggest lemmings at once, from a range that doesn't ship to me here in Australia. These polishes are hard to get even if you do live where they are shipped, so I'm absolutely floored that I've managed to get them! Thank you so much!

    Here are the gifts - Nail-Venturous Burst of Blue and Humble Bee
  6. Get better soon! And so nice of your Angel to sent them your way.
  7. ^what a wonderful ROAK...great colors!

    ^gorgy NPs...such a great gift!

    ^fantastic indie glitters! what a fun gift.
  8. Loving all the kindness going around lately. The np ladies are the best!
  9. Such great RAOKS everyone!

    Happyness makes the world go round
  10. Lovin' all these ROAK's!! This is my favorite thread on TPF :heart:
  11. Reading this makes me very happy I joined.
    Already seems like a great place to be :smile:
  12. I have a little something to share with you guys :heart: My mom was in the hospital all last week and I've really been stressing out about it. So I was ecstatic to come home to an amazing ROAK! It really was a pick me up.

    This polish has been on my wishlist forever. I've been stalking eBay and none have popped up recently. Thank you so much sweet tpf np angel :hugs:

    RBL iconoclast!!

  13. Aw, hoping your Mom will have a speedy recovery:hugs: Your np fairy send this awesome bottle on time to brighten your day.

    Awesome ROAK ladies!
  14. Beautiful!
  15. All the best to your mommy! And cheery thoughts your way Honey.
    Love the RAOK and that it brightened your day.