The Kindness of Strangers

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  1. I know we're like a little family here in the nail forum, and some of us have even become "in real life" friends, lol. But for most of us, our relationships with other members here will never have the opportunity to be in person. Still the kindness, support and generosity of everyone never ceases to amaze me.

    I know we have different RAOK activities... but the fact of the matter is there are random acts of kindness happening in here all the time! So why not have a thread to post and celebrate?

    I know some people like to keep their anonymity so don't feel like you have to call someone out. Feel free to post as much or as little as you feel comfortable!

    I have some personal RAOKs from other ladies that are randomly posted but these have both happened to me in the past week.

    First, a wonderful PF'er gifted me OPI My Private Jet. It's not the original, but it has a slightly scattered holo and with a layer of Catherine Arley 667 on top it looks pretty much like the real deal!!

    Second, another fabulous PF'er sent me something very, very special from 1000's of miles away!!! She saw my wish list and offered to share her Lancome Pop Petrol with me. And I don't mean she had an extra bottle. She decanted some into an empty bottle for me. And even better??? She put it in a Dior bottle with the new brush!!!! And if that wasn't enough she also threw in a total suprise. OPI Damone Roberts 1968!!!!!!


    To both of those wonderful ladies, my sincerest thanks. I truly appreciate your generosity and will enjoy these polishes to the fullest!!!

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  2. AMAZING!!!! Pop Petrol is so pretty.

    I have been on the receiving end of some amazing gifts. I'm so bad at taking photos, haha.
  3. I have one to post tonight. :biggrin:

    Congrats on Damon Roberts! I got that during my first exchange. I was pretty new in the NP game so I had no idea that I got a HTF!! Enjoy it!
  4. That is so awesome!! How very sweet of her.

    Can't wait to see DR68 on you!!
  5. This is such a nice idea, knas.

    I've been on the receiving end of such kindness. It started when someone out of the blue gifted me their Chanel khakis. I was blown away.

    I've had wonderful, amazing ladies track down polishes that are impossible for me to find...GOSH, Barry M, Leighton Denny, Wet n Wild Mermaids, Catherine Arleys, Mattese Elites, Bobbies, care packages, Birch Boxes, Cordur-Orange, choccies, Sulas!!...I have been overwhelmed with the genuine kindness of most of the women on this subforum. It makes it so much easier to ignore the crazies and the self-absorbed jackasses, knowing there's people like you around.

    I work in a nonprofit, and I know that no one can ever be thanked enough, so to all of you angels, please know that I am grateful for you, for your giving hearts, for your NP friendship and bonding, for your presence in this forum, and for the beautiful gifts, far more than I can ever express.
  6. I agree ladies! There's so much negativity in the world.... and it's not even so much the polish as the thought behind it... the act itself, ya know? :flowers:
  7. Aw, that's so sweet. It is nice to read about good deeds.
  8. What a fantastic RAOK, knas!! I love love love this thread already! I completely agree that the PF'ers in this subforum are some of the most generous spirits I've ever seen, and it was seeing how much the members here are friends as well as fellow addicts that made me fall in love with these boards. I can't wait to see how this thread grows!
  9. I love my tpf-family, I love how we help each other, and how generous and caring we are towards each other.

    You totally deserved those polishes, sunshine!
  10. Let me also add that for anyone who hasn't done it yet, it is incomprehensible to understand how much joy you can get from being the giver of a RAOK until you do it. For me, it's the gift that gives back three times:

    first, because I enjoy shopping for others more than I do for myself anymore (it happens when you realize you have a collection so huge you'll likely hit your deathbed with '000s of untrieds).

    second when your RAOK is received and the joy the receiver gets from it.

    third, when the receiver actually starts swatching and falls in love with the polishes all over again! seriously, RAOKs are the best - they pay it backwards and forwards!!
  11. Aww what a wonderful idea for a thread!! I love all the generosity that goes on here, I love coming here to chat and share similar interests and chat with such wonderful ladies. Months ago I was having a difficult time finding my "place" here on tPf with areas that were so established with their members, and I just knew I liked beauty products and nail polish, and I'm so glad I have found my home here!

    I will post an amazing RAOK I got a few months ago when I have some more time later! :biggrin:
  12. True that! :woohoo:
  13. ^ That Pop Petrol is gorgeous! And congrats on DR68, definitely much sought after.

    I've been so fortunate to have generous tPFers share with me in the past; and help me seek out those hard-to-find polishes that I feel I must have. And just very recently, I've received some wonderful gifts that just made my jaw drop. I cant' begin to express my gratitude.
  14. Totally agree! I've been on the receiving end several times (let me dig out some pics and I'll show you guys!) and every time I use the polish I think of them :smile:
  15. That is so nice of members! Very thoughtful and caring!