the KIMYE ~ Kanye West & Kim Kardashian ~ thread

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  1. She eat my coookiees...that she don't need...
  2. If I was with an a-hole like Kanye West... I'd need a cookie too! Poor girl!

  3. :lol:

    I was trying to be positive in this comedic moment. lol
  4. This.
  5. Hey, guess who's tweeting now?

    He's d*** funny, too.

    Yeah, this'll work out well.
  6. Poor girl? The stupid girl stays with one of the biggest douche's of the century. When he was in MN for his Light It Up Tour or whatever it was called and literally stopped his ONE MAN SHOW when someone threw a glow stick on stage and had the person escorted out. He's whacked out!
  7. I guess when you're as HOT as Kanye you can act all sorts of crazy. I kid.
  8. And as for the "Baby Mama Jet":


    ETA: So the girl with the TIG ol' BITTIES is the girl he didn't want eating cookies? She got two big ol' apple pies on her chest, 'Ye, you gon' trip if ya'll have a menage and Girlie #2 tries to take a bite?
  9. She eat my coooookieeess, ...that she don't need,

    Slapped it out the gold diggin' b*tch hand, said, "You best take heed,"

    Them stale b*tches, girl, they'll ruin your fiiiiguurrre,

    And baby, if that happen, I won't wanna get witchaaaa,

    So, b*tch, I'm sorry, that mean no cookies for youuuuuuu,
    Only I can eat fooooooood,
    Then she say, "Oh, Yeezy, you're so right, you're the duuuuuuuuude!"

    Put my finger on her lips, said, "Girl just Shhh, I'll feed ya, get ova here and gimme dat brain",

    But befo' you do that, here b*tch, take a look at this tiny a** plaaaane!

  10. ^^ :roflmfao:
  11. :lol:
  12. are you serious? talk about a diva
  13. :weird::weird:
  14. Bahaha! i can actually picture him ryhming some mess like that. I'll admit i'm following him on twitter. I do like the fact that he's always the first to admit what an arrogant jerk he is. No faux humbleness here. Yeezy is funny as hell to me even if some ppl hate him
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