the KIMYE ~ Kanye West & Kim Kardashian ~ thread

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  1. TTW is actually one of the better tracks, imo. :cry:

    It's not a bad album. Definitely worth a listen, but just underwhelming. Don't know what I expected, tbh... even knowing it's a GOOD Music group album and not a Kanye solo, it's still lacking somehow... :sad:
  2. I just got a hold of it today but haven't listened to it yet.
  3. I listened to it, it's alright. I prefer Ye's solo work.

    "Clique","Bliss" and "Higher" are my favs right now.
  4. Yea I heard Clique on the radio this morning. I like it. I usually end up liking whatever Kanye does though so I'm sure I'll like this too.

    I noticed he had Teyana Taylor on two tracks. Is she with GOOD Music now?

  5. Rip. :sad:
  6. Aww :sad: I've never seen that video before.

    Ye and his mom seemed super close. She's been gone a while but I bet it's still hard for him.
  7. Supposedly Cruel Summer isn't on Itunes yet because Kanye decided to remaster a few songs at the very last minute. I was wondering what the holdup was...
  8. Take your time Kanye. Consult Kim if need be.

    I want Pink to have her first #1 this week.
  9. Maybe he's gonna release it on Kimmy's birthday.

    They're in love after all.

  10. I really like the album, though since I'm skipping over half the album cause those songs are old to me now it seems so short. Sin City, Clique and Bliss are my favorites.
  11. My SO doesn't like the album, he was very underwhelmed but I like it. It's not Kanye's best but I have to keep reminding myself that it's not a Kanye solo project.
  12. Yep, that's how I view it too. Honestly, it feels like he's barely on it.
  13. Bliss is my favorite ATM.

    Some people are hella p*ssed at Kanye, because they went to the store to buy a copy and then this fool released a remastered (and slightly better) version on itunes yesterday. Glad I waited and did not pre-order a physical copy for once.
  14. ^ Yup. When I heard he was remastering tracks I knew a few folks would be pi$$ed off. That's Yeezy for you...

    I don't really bother with physical copies anymore because I don't really have a use for them. (Unless I love an artist enough to buy two copies to support them). I just plug my iPod into the port in my car and go.
  15. The title to this thread is interesting. Wonder why he hasn't put Kim on a diet.
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