the Kim Kardashian thread XVII

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  1. I like the dress - I bet it does look good when you wear your size.
  2. It does look too tight on her, I just went to the qvc website, they only have XS left in the black and white, but there's also a black with blue stripes. It comes as small as XXS.
  3. [​IMG]


    Kim and Khloe put their own spin on the dress.
  4. WTF? Why is Kim wearing an XtraSmedium???

    Khloe looks WAY better in that dress!
  5. Khloe looks great in the dress...Kakes looks hideous (as usual!) #tootighttootrashy
  6. I'm quoting myself to remind people to click and watch Kim's 'acting' on Drop Dead Diva.

  7. I did not even listen to what she was saying cause her forehead took all of my attention. Lol you're right. It's so weird to see how her forehead doesnt show any 'wrinkles' as she does try to move her eyebrows. My own forehead feels weird after watching this.
  8. Agreed! It fits her and makes her look thinner instead of whatever look Kim is going for.
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