the Kim Kardashian thread XVII

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  1. I think it is because Ciara has more of a runway body, and can get into sample sizes. I never stopped to consider that. Maybe Kim has to wear clothes six months late because she has to wait until her size becomes available. No way she's a 2. We're the same height and her *** is bigger than mine (42" and real.) and there is no way I can fit in a 2 bottom.
  2. And if she does. Will she sit close to Kim *keels over**
  3. idk if i necessarily believe that that's the only reason. i think that she may not be what the brands want.

    i mean even pregnant celebrities like Bey and others can manage to stay on that new-new ish.
  4. [​IMG]

    i can't see it happening
  5. That's because pregnant or not they WANT Beyonce in their clothes. They're not gonan make special sizes for Kim until they're available to the mass market.
  6. i know. that's what i was saying. Kim K gotta wait 'til retail like e'rybody else. :lol:
  7. Umm, NO and once again that unfortunate butt.
  8. True!
  9. Really, they look so stupid, and she's going to look so stupid when this ends.
  10. hence why her "career" hasn't taken over.
  11. Hilarious!!!!!!!
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