~~The Kim Kardashian thread #9~~

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I'm a Good Person!!!
Jan 5, 2009
On couch or in Box...
Celebrating our beloved Kakes Kardashian...

Yay Bishes !!!!!

The Khread you Know and luv to crash and topple tables and fling glasses is on the 9th stretch... I think it would be nice to pop it off with a lil gorgeousness:




Jun 3, 2007
130 bishes!!!!

(1)69-seconds.org (2)Abetteropinion.com (3)Ab rockett (4)Album (5)Allure (6)Armani (7)BeachBunny (8) Bebe (9) Belle Noel (10)Benjamin Moore (11)Beyond The Rack (12)Body Factory (13)Bongo jeans (14)Book "Kardashian Konfidential" (154)Bravada (16)Brutal Fruit (17)Bullrun (18)Calendars (19)California tourism (20)Candles (21)Carl's Jr. (22)Cellceutical skincare line (23)Ciara (24)Cleo magazine (25)Cool Joolz (26)Cupcakes (27)Dancing with the stars (28)Dash (29)Dr Phil (30)Dr OZ (31)EBay store (32)Elevator advertising (33)Elle (34)Emmys (35)Episode of CSI NY (36)Episode of How I met your mother (37)Fall Out Boy's video "Thnks Fr Th Mmrs" (38)Fit e-newsletter (39)Fit in your Jeans by Friday DVDs (40)Fragrance (41)Fusion Beauty (42)GetHatched (43)Guest role in 90210 (44)Gunnar (45)Handbag line (46)High Rollers Luxury Lanes (47)Illumifill (48)It Gets Better (49)Jacob & Company (50)Jamba Juice (51)Jimmy Coco (52)Joyce Bonelli (53)Jupi Corporation (Australia) (54)K-Dash "curvy" clothing line (55)Kanye West (56)Kardashian Glamour Tan (57) Kardashian Prepaid MasterCard (cancelled!) (58)Kardashian Retial Store "Khaos" (59)Kardashian water (60)Keys to BH (61)Kiis FM (62)KimKardashianFan.net (63)Kim Kollection by Loren Jewels (64)Kotex (65)LA Confidential mag (66)Lift (67) Lip plumper thing (68)Lollipops (69)Lopez Tonight (70)Loren's blog (71)Lorraine Schwartz jewelry (72)Madam Tussaud's Wax Museum (73)Matt Lauer Thanksgiving special (74)Merchandise (T-shirts/shot glasses/short-shorts) (75)Michael Hill Jeweller (76)Milkshakes (77)Monica's blog (78)Movie: Beyond the break (79)Movie: Deep in the valley (80)Movie: Disaster movie (81)My22ct.com (82)Nike (83)Optus - Australian phone company (84)Oscar's pre-show host (85)Other swimwear they did a photoshoot for on S1 of KUWTK (86)People's Choice Web Celeb (87)People Style Watch (88)PerfectSkin (89)Perfumania (90)Pimping Christina A's CD (91)Playboy (92)Priceless by Nicole Richie (93)Porta Pottys (94)QuickTrim (95)Rims (96)Rachel Ray show (97)Reebook EasyTones (98)Saturday Night magazine (99)Sex doll "Kinky Kim" (100)Sex tape (101)Shades Salon (102)ShoeDazzle (103)Sitcom: Brothers (104)Sketchers (105) Sly Stallone (106)Sponsered tweets (107) Style your Slims (108)Sugar Factory (109)SunFa5e (110)TAO (111)Teenage Paparazzo (112)Teeth whitener (113) The Apprentice (114)The Brissmor Company (115)The container store (116)The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International (117)The Talk (118)Jay Leno Show (119)Top Model (120)Troy Jensen (121)Ultimate Engagement Ring Contest (122)Vanity Girl Hollywood (123)Victoria Beckham Collection (124)Video Music Awards (125)VisitCalifornia.com (126)VirginsAngelsSaints jewelry (127)Vista Print (128) W Magazine (nude again!) (129)Wii game "Just Dance 2" (130) Z100’s Jingle Ball
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