The Kim Kardashian Thread 8!

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  1. There's an 8th thread!?!? :wtf:

  2. Dig post #1254 in AS Thread!
  3. the look for her b-day was borderline trashy imho. it was just overkill with the silver eye makeup, dress AND shoes.
  4. yay thread 8 :happydance:
  5. She was going as a Baked Potato for early Halloween complete with tinfoil wrapped tightly around her: "Baked Kakes"
  6. Scotchtape thread...that's the best one yet. Not to worry ladies - we'll be generating another 20 pages tonight no doubt, our man has an awards event to go to and no doubt we'll pick it apart. keep tryin' though...
  7. :ghi5:
  8. :lol:
  9. Is ScotchGuy single?
  10. isnt he with kate bosworth?
  11. Dunno. I don't even know who he is. Just trying to find Kakes a man. Or in her case, a boy.
  12. AAAAARGGGGGH! DON'T SAY THAT! Rule number one from Scotchguard land - she can only be called Beigeless, Bosho or Twiggy. And we refuse to believe they are together because they are king and queen of the PR assumption photo and the fauxmance. But give the girl props, she is, as one gossip columnist said, "a stage five clinger".

    Ok, now that you know the rules, you are welcome to come on our thread and trash her any time. BTW = am reading this week's InTouch - should be renamed Kardashian Weekly - did D*klis really make that angry face for real?
  13. :nuts::roflmfao:
  14. Well, he does like boobs....if you could pry Bosworthless off him, that might be good. And he comes from a big family who are also in showbiz. Hmm.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.