The Killers - anyone?

  1. Anyone out there likes The Killers?

    Gonna go and see them live in Cologne tonite. I'm so excited already :yahoo:

    I was trying forever to get tickets, but they were sold out for months already and the prices on Ebay were skyrocketing :crybaby:

    Well, last week I was listening to the Radio and they gave away two tickets. I literally made a jump for my phone and dialed .... I couldn't believe it when they actually picked up the phone and told me I had won :wlae:

    So, I'm gonna be standing in the crowd tonight and have an awesome time. :rochard:

    Has anyone seen them?
  2. Oooh nice one :biggrin:
    I like their music ^^ Hope you have fun!!
  3. WaoW Lucky girl !!! congrats on winning !
    I actually love the Killers it you who are into Brit rock ? Arctic Monkeys, Franz Ferdinand, etc....
  4. :yes: yep, that would be me (from the LV sub-forum)
  5. I love The Killers - especially Hot Fuss. I hope you have a great time!!! I bet they're amazing live.
  6. Love the Killers :biggrin:
  7. me too, you will have a fab night.

    When :somebody told me" comes on my ipod in the car, we crank it up top notcha and me and my little ones sing it at the tops of our voices :biggrin:
  8. I love the Killers! I'm sure they'll be awesome live, have fun!!
  9. i looove the killers!
    congrats on the ticket :P
    please tell us how were the concert goes.
  10. Love, love, love the Killers!
  11. lucky you. i love the killers and i'm lovin their new album. let us know if they sound good live or not. hope you have a great time.:P
  12. i love the new album, hope you are having fun!
  13. I love them!! They're my favourite band. I missed out on their concert a few weeks ago, I can't wait for them to come back to Toronto!! :nuts: :heart:

    The music video for "Bones" was recently released, you can see it here:
    YouTube - The Killers——Bones(Video) (it was filmed by Tim Burton :P)
  14. OMG: One word: AMAZING! :yahoo:

    The Killers absolutely R-O-C-K-E-D and the crowd was awesome! If you get a chance to see them live, do it. :yes:

    I enjoyed every single second of it.
  15. I love the Killers! I saw them in concert 2 weeks ago in NY and they were AWESOME!! The concert was sold out there too, and thanks to Craigslist I found tickets. The girl that sold them to me made like a $5 profit. I want to go see them again =)