"the kid"

  1. Just wondering with all these sales going on what was the lowest price you have seen on "the kid" bag i ordered one from the eluxury sale today in gold at $668 but i think ppl have seen it cheaper and maybe i didnt get such a great deal- Thanks in advance!
  2. The gold color was exclusive to eLuxury so I think you got a fairly good deal. :yes: The elastic quilted Kids were carried by many other stores so some people were able to find them for less. I was pretty lucky to find my plum one for only $520.
  3. I think $600+ is a good price for The Kid. Most stores have sold out of them, and didn't even make 2nd markdowns. You could get lucky & find one if there's been one returned, but the one you got is gorgeous and 1/2 price!! I think you did well - Congrats!!!
  4. I agree. I bought my Gold Kid back in July off Elux for full price...ouch...so $668 is an awesome price to me! Like Melly said...the elastic Kids were going for $500+...if you can find one. I would definitely keep the Gold and maybe pick up another one! :p:graucho:
  5. thanks everyone- i actually called and got an adjustment today since today its 30% off sale items so its even less- i bought wayyyyy too many bags due to these sales i feel like im a serious addict!
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