The Kid for this Season (s/s 2008)?

  1. I've been obsessing over finding the perfect neutral for spring. I really want something quilted, but not too big. So far the Small Cecilia has been the closest to my ideal. I would really like to compare it to The Kid. I have never seen The Kid IRL, though. Was it just a seasonal phenomenon that has passed forever? :confused1: Will more Kids be released in the future? Perhaps I'm not looking in the right places. I usually shop at the dept. stores who carry MJ, as there is no boutique in my area. I think it would be beautiful in Latte.

    I hope these aren't stupid questions. I tried to figure them out by running some searches on our old threads. No luck.

    Many thanks in advance for your insight. :girlsigh:
  2. To the best of my knowledge the Kid was only available for Fall 2007. I think the Cecilia would be an great alternative though. :yes:
  3. I think the Cecilia would be perfect. I think I may even like it better.