"The Kid" Club! Who's a member?

  1. I've got two so far......Plum and Gold. Who else has one? Post pics of your new babies! :p

  2. Ooohhh! Those are the prettiest twins!! Love them both! :love::love:
  3. Pretty little one's!
  4. those are gorgeous! I've never really been a fan of the stam, but I think you made me a convert!
  5. Love the Plum color, gorgeous!:heart:
  6. wow!! I guess I ordered the last gold kid from elux, it's on the way. The plum is stunning, I love it. Which one do you use more frequently?
    Did you get the plum from Nordstrom? Do you mind telling me the item number of the kid stam from Nordstrom? I called them two days ago, they asked me the item number, but I had no idea. Thanks!:cutesy:
  7. Yep I got the Gold in July from eLux...paid full price but definitely worth it! I just got the plum on saturday so I've used the Gold more. But both colors are surprisingly versatile!
    The # on my receipt from Nordies is:806166909184
    and the # on the tag reads: 0634 4252 1975
    Hope that helps and good luck!
  8. Great, thanks a lot for your information! I can not wait for mine to arrive!! I love the gold color too, but I was worried that the gold one to be too dressy to use.
  9. you picked the best colors! thanks for sharing these with us. they are devine!
  10. So it was you! hahaha jk... aw lucky you.. i had the link to elux saved and when i went to look it was no longer in stock :sad:
    The gold is DIVINE .. so sparkly *o* and i love the plum too...
  11. wow those are lovely, i'm jealous of your plum one :love:

    do you mind posting a pic of you holding them, to get an idea of how big they really are compared to the regular stams. thanks =)
  12. Count me in! I have a plum Kid. :love:
  13. Thank you, chimunkvoice! I did the same thing and found it was not in stock, I even called elux to see if they have more in stock and they told me it was sold out. Luckily, I caught one later, probably it was released from some one's shopping cart.:p
  14. Love the plum kiddies
  15. I'm in with the plum!:heart::tup:

    Devine's pic is the best I've seen yet showing the detail & color. It really is a beautiful goat leather patent.