The Key Rings....

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  1. I am so new to Mulberry - hopefully I will own my first in a day or two. I would like to know where I can find the key rings....I just saw the Libra one and Bays in another thread and I would love to have both (October birthday girl), but my problem is that I am in the US and Mulberry isnt to be found (where I am....Alabama)...are there any online UK shops that I can order them from. I didnt see them on the Mulberry site.
  2. Hi Mdlcal,
    I have noticed a few pop up on ebay. It may be worth a look!
  3. I wasnt looking in the correct spot on the Mulberry site. Thanks tho!
    I should search more before I ask!!!
  4. Haha I'm glad you found them on the website and hope you find the ones you want.
  5. Oooh yes the Bays keyrings are lovely I hope you get one of those :biggrin: That and the Libra are also in Silver too.

    Let us know what you score :biggrin: