The Kennedys

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  1. But why would they go out in a canoe after a ball in bad conditions? It doesn't make sense.
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  2. They're not cursed. They ski at nighttime, lobotomize a child unnecessarily and for the connivence, pilot planes they aren't qualified to fly, overdose on drugs and drive their spouses to suicide.

    Bad things do happen to this family, but I wouldn't call it a curse.
  3. It was an error in judgment. I live in the same county and yesterday it was incredibly windy and I’m sure the bay was choppy as hell. They probably thought they could go out a few feet and retrieve the ball, not realizing how quickly the water would take them away from shore. Once out in the bay the canoe likely capsized. The search is still going on this evening. :sad:
  4. How do you pronounce Gideon in English?
    Anyways, still hoping for the best.
  5. I can understand that.

    I was a canoeist in my younger days (passed all the exams and requirements) and I would never go out on the lake by myself, when windy. Maybe a more muscle-y guy would have a better chance, but it's so very hard to paddle back in with a brisk headwind. You can spend all your energy paddling to stay afloat and are actually going nowhere.
  6. Gid-dee-yun
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  7. This sounds way off...they went to get a terrible weather....?
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  8. I live nearby in D.C. It was a nice early spring day, but very windy. They should have known better than to go out on the water yet it’s nevertheless very sad for a family that has seen a tremendous amount of tragedy including two assassinations.
  9. It sounds like they were by their home or a relative's home. Would the water have been so deep that they wouldn't have been able to swim? .
  10. You think how many times as parents we make snap judgements... most times things are ok, on occasion bag things happen that you just couldn’t predict. It’s really heartbreaking.
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    how well does an 8 year old swim, in rough waters? I think even an experienced swimmer can tire out pretty quickly in bad conditions. I nearly drowned once in Los Angeles learning how to surf, the waves took me under and swooshed me around and I couldn’t come up for air and scratched my whole side of my body on the rocks. I misjudged how strong the current was and I was an experienced swimmer. I just wasn’t aware of how rough the water really was since the waves looked like normal fun waves. I’m sure things like this happen to many people, and most times they survive... and then on occasion, you hear a horrible story where they don’t make it. My guess is the water was deep enough and wavy enough and too hard to swim.

    I just read another article- they were visiting relatives. So, probably unaware of the risks. Really heartbreaking.
  12. :sad:
    kinda snarky
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  13. The water is still very cold this time of year. It would be difficult to wade out in it. I’m certain they weren’t dressed for swimming. All I can guess is the ball fell in the water and they had a canoe on the shore and they hopped in to go get it.

    For anyone not familiar with the Chesapeake Bay, it is a vast body of water. For the family’s sake I hope they are able to recover the bodies.
  14. I agree with you. Poor family.
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