The Kelly Secrets Wallet

  1. I'm probably getting the name wrong but does anyone know the specs on this wallet? Like how big it is and how many slots it has?

    It's this really cute wallet that has a strap and a kelly lock. At the moment it's only coming in swift.
  2. I found this thread started by Kou - who was obviously onto this baby before anyone had actually bought one. It seems that many of us are lusting after this wallet after seeing Lumine's, SO.....this is the thread to post all info / thoughts on the Kelly Wallet. :yahoo:
  3. Forgot to add the info that we know so far:

    Price in paris = 1650 euro
    Available leathers:

    Any colour news?
  4. i have seen raisin and orange in epsom as well, and mines in black box:smile:
  5. Lumine's wallet is gorgeous. I love the Kelly lock detailing. :smile:
  6. Someone posted a pic of it here at the start of the year - it was a grainy pic, and I think there was a thread?
  7. ^ THAT'S IT! I did a search, and started to think I had imagined it! I should have remembered it was you with thre insider info, O!!!
  8. [​IMG]

    I hope you don't mind me copying the pic over to this thread - it's interesting to see how it is designed....that turnlock sticks OUT!
  9. LOL GF--not so much an insider as a gullible client who says yes to way too many accessories. The funny thing is that I wasn't so hot on this wallet from the b/w pictures, but Lumine's wallet is gorgeous!
  10. I know, the turnlock is the one item of concern for me. After a few months of being tossed around in a handbag it seems as if it would get really scuffed up. I do think it would look fabulous carried by itself--definitely unmistakably Hermes.
  11. Yes, I'd like it as a small clutch, but I wouldn't use it as a wallet, myself.
  12. Ahhhhhh - I want it in lizard to use as a clutch!
  13. [​IMG]