The Keep-it-all Club!!

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  1. Welcome to the Keep-it-all club...anyone with a Keepall is welcomed!!
    I've always wanted to do this but never thought that there would be enough people for the club, but the Wapity Club has gotten some good feeback so why not!!?:biggrin:

    Here's my Monogram 55...

  2. I'm getting a caryall soom (july) I'm putting my order in next week!!! i'm so excited it's my first LV bag!!! It' took me 2 years to save up, i went into the store to buy a 45 keepall but i couldnt bring myself to buy it so i figured it wasnt the right bag for me!!! Can i still be part of the club when i get the carryall even if it is a re-intvention of the keepall? lol
  3. Will take the pic soon...
  4. oooh i want a mono keepall soooo badly but can't justify it because i don't travel. ever. :\ i'll just have to drool over all of yours. :smile:
  5. I'm envious of you guys! I saw one at the airport today and was in awe
  6. I want one too and am wondering whether it is a big benefit to get the the model that has the shoulder strap. Any opinions?
  7. I have the keepall 45 with strap.I hardly ever use the strap.
  8. I have the 45 but I don't use the strap much either! The bag always ends up going behind me and hitting me while I walk so I just carry it by hand :smile:
  9. Ooooh! Can I be a member of the keepall club? I have a 45 w/ shoulder strap. Here's a pic of me huffing the glorious small of virgin LV on the day she arrived from eluxury! :P

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  10. here's my mono cerise keepall (i have the smallest size) :smile: i share this with my sister... and hopefully i can buy a bigger one soon! :smile: sorry im too lazy to take pics, i just got this pic from my 'bag showcase' :smile:

  11. Nice Cerises keepall, Luvs! Didn't it only come in that one size though? I didn't know LV made a larger Cerises keepall.
  12. i didnt know LV made Cerises keepalls?!!!
  13. The Cerises keepall came in the 45 size. I don't think it came any bigger. The "smaller" one would have to be the speedy.
  14. I love the your keepall and sac cousin :love: :love:
  15. im not sure if they came up with bigger sized cerise keepalls but when i went to the LV store this is the only one, and the last one they will ever have... i was actually considering to buy the bigger keepall in mono canvas (which is much cheaper) but i decided against because i thought i can always buy it later... :smile: