The Katy legacy stripe travel bag is at the outlet!

  1. I was SO tempted by it when I was there to return the purple suede Ali I bought last December, and I did pet and fondle it and carry it around the store. But then I put it back and left w/o buying it. I've been on a handbag no-buy since New Year's Day, and this was the most difficult temptation I've had since then. But now that I've returned the bag, I have no reason to return for a while.
  2. OMG.
    How much?
  3. D'oh! I meant to include that.

    It was marked down to $279.99 and then it was 20% off that because that was a clearance price. It was *so hard* to put it down and leave. They had two of them -- the outlet is Leesburg VA. Hope someone gives them a good home!
  4. I want one! Went up to Lahaska Thur - no sign of them and owner didn't feel they were getting any...
  5. Wow...I paid 298 during the PCE it's still in the dustbag and box unused.
    This upsets me.
  6. ACK!:nuts:

    I'm going to the outlet tomorrow anyways (my weekly trip) so I'll let you all know what I find!
  7. I bought one the other day (Wednesday). My SA from the outlet called Tues. to say they got 7 in and did I want one. When I went Wed. none were on the shelves, the 7 they had all went to specific clients who had been looking for the bag. She thinks they will get 22 more.

    On another note, they had a brand new Maude (XL Ergo Tote) that got shipped to them on accident (was not a return). She held it for me too. I could have bought it for $719 + tax. It was about a $300 savings. I tried it on and it is HUGE. I just don't think I will need something that big for my job. But the leather is so thick and gorgeous. Whoever buys/bought it will get a great deal and a great bag.

    I got a Large Ergo Tote in Black for $170. It is missing the dogleash clip, that's why it was so cheap. I was told to go to the boutique and I can get the clip replaced. :smile:
  8. OK, I think i am going to call Lahaska & Lancaster Monday...
  9. wow, i think alot of people have been looking for that bag! it's gorgeousssssss! i hope one of us from tpf manages to snag the bag!
  10. I bought the one at Leesburg on 4/5 I love it!! Thanks
  11. OMG - no way! I have to call them now....eeek!
  12. I LOVE my Katy tote and find myself using it more than I thought I would. I do cringe if I have to place "her" on the floor ... but I do love using it.

    For those that have one... USE IT AND ENJOY IT! For those looking... I hope y'all can find one at an outlet!! What a great deal! Makes me wish I could be more patient!

  13. can someone post pics of their bag!!!!!!!!!!! :smile:
  14. O My I Really Want One!!! :smile:

    Does Anyone Know If Any Coach Outlet Stores Will Let You Order On The Phone And Will Ship It??

    And Does Anyone Know Who May Still Have These!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I Wanted One When They 1st Came Out And Didnt Have The $ Now I Do And Cant Get One :sad:
  15. i called the outlet near me they have none

    but i found out the retail is almost $400,,, if i found one at macys or something i dunno if i could spend that much on it

    is it worth that much really? for ppl who own it!? if it was the only way to get it retail?