The Karo PM and GM

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  1. The supply seems to be dwindling...........anyone know if its really being replaced by the bebop? I have a Karo PM and just located a GM in the color I wanted and its on its way to me but there werent many out there. Anyone know the scoop?
  2. My SA told me they are still being made... she's heard no news of their discontinuation. But she did say they sell pretty fast, especially at my store. Perhaps it's the case everywhere, because the Karo is more popular than the Bebop?

  3. i believe that because personally i dont like the bebop. it has too many folds and it closes on itself and its flimsy structurally............they always have those out though. well i have 2 now but i hoped it wasnt being phased out-its such a great accessory piece
  4. I know what you mean... my first Karo is on its way to me, but I'm already thinking of more colors to get :upsidedown:
  5. ^I'm having a hard time finding one too. Specially the GM, I think it's because its midseason. The stores have received what they order and now it's just what the mother of H thinks they should have each month (apparently not many Karos)

  6. i know --i was shocked to learn that they know what they order at the podiums but they dont really know what they will receive for sure