:)...****The Kaptivating Kusama Kollection Klub****...:)

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    Well. Since all of the release are headed this way I figured why not be the first. Join in this club. Here's a pic of what I'm getting but I have to wait until October.


    I collage everything now. I'm getting the blue speedy, yellow cosmetic and I would love something in red to be primary but I don't know yet.


    I blew it up to help me stay focused. I have another I'll try to add but it was too large for now
  2. Here's my other focus reminder

  3. I like the agendas
  4. I want to join! I am getting the b&w verni zippy, blue and a white speedy:smile: but keep hearing how great the neverfull looks so switch the white to neverfull! Love the collection!
  5. The neverfull is amazing. I love the red but I've spent way too much and am about three bags over my annual limit and the year isn't up yet......but I can get as many slg's as I like:p
  6. Any neverfull pictures?
  7. No. My SA...and all the others were definitely hovering when I was in store. I wonder if I check back between now and then if she'll let me :/
  8. I will keep my fingers cross. I'm curious to see how it looks
  9. This will be my favorite club! I'm deciding between blue speedy and red NF! Any idea on prices of SLGs launching in October?
  10. I know the cosmetic is around 450ish. I'd love to know if there are any bandeaus or bandanas.....and I didn't see any in the book
  11. There's already 4 LV pieces posted on eBay today!! Dang that's quick.
  12. I'm in :smile:

    Monogram Waves in red

    Hoping to add a blue Zippy wallet in October ;)
  13. Oooh, I'm joining in advance as well. I passed on the scarf and pareo yesterday once isaw the October collection. Now I'm with Drspock almost. I'm aiming for white speedy, yellow cosmetic pouch, possibly a wallet (Sarah?) and either the neverfull or keepall. I am still debating on nf/keepall colors as well as which to get. White is my favorite, but it's silly to get everything in white... Well, another three months to decide!
  14. I'm definitely in! :biggrin: