the Kangaroo returns: Men's Spring-Summer 2008 Runway Show

  1. i think Marc Jacobs made the right decision in selecting Paul Helbers to manage the men's RTW collection. im loving almost every single bit of it :drool: ok, on with what's important.....the bags:

    pleased to see Soana and Bequia making a comeback:


    not too crazy about baby blue though.

    hmmm.... a new pattern of little LV trunks. i think i like it.

    photos courtesy of
  2. Hot! Thanks for posting. Really curious about those fish looking bracelets!?! Those cream sandals are awesome! my DH needs those!
  3. Thanks for sharing! Loving the new lines!
  4. here's more:

    Soana Carryall?

    these fish charms and gold crested cuff are interesting too:
  5. merci, Mr Duck,

    Any links to the video???
  6. Ooh! I like the one in the first pic :drool: And the carryall. Not too fond of the ones with the zippers though.
  7. I'm in love with these pieces, how I wish my husband was an LV man... :nogood:
  8. Thanks for posting the info .. lvoe the new soana colour:heart:
  9. I actually love the blue. Thanks for posting pics. There are a few pieces there that Hubby would like.
  10. yeah... very similar to my '05 taupe Balenciaga Men's Day:

  11. Not a fan of the bags, but a fan of the RTW and some shoes!! :nuts:
  12. Those fish charms are freakin' me out a little. :nogood:

    I actually like the baby blue shade a lot. Thanks for the pics!!
  13. There's going to be a Bequia pocket organizer as well!
  14. love the ivory bags, it seem to be an interpretation of the damier pattern.

  15. Those are HOT!