The Kabuki Club

  1. I am crazy for the Kabuki Line. It definetely deserves a club for their pretty items.

    I'll start with the zippy! It is a perfect small item which gives me a small color pop in my accessoires without being to dominant! And I guess I can also use it as small clutch, as my iphone does fit into it. Initially, I wanted the clés, but unfortunately they don't get that item in Germany. And the ZCP I thought is a but small for the print...


  2. I’m waiting until my Speedy arrives and I get to join :biggrin:
  3. Oh, how cool! Excited to see it, when it arrives! I was hoping to see one in the store, but they did not have one there.

    Today I had to bring the Zippy out!

  4. 58C5957F-30E6-4883-8182-B2DE55DBC93C.jpeg ED4EB82B-1972-478A-9CB7-8404E6F3B472.jpeg Yay! I love a good club :biggrin:
    I’ll join in with neverfull and hoping to score a stickers bandeau or bag charm if it’s not too late!
  5. I love the look of the zippys! Excellent choice ;)
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  6. Adore this range too
    Have another kabuki item waiting for collection

  7. Oh I love the Kabuki-collection!! Love that the NF has non vachetta leather = Can be worn in rain! And thanks for the pics bole_ss! Didn't know that the other side of the bag looked like that - they aren't showing that side on the LV-page!
  8. My husband and I met in Tokyo. So I had to get this bag. Forgot how much I like speedy. Cannot stop looking at it.
  9. I just got the Kabuki bag charm, and my Zippy Coin Purse is on order. I'll post videos on my YouTube channel as soon as I have both in hand. Congrats to all who got pieces from this stunning collection!
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  10. Glad to help! :smile: I do wish LV website showed more angles of their items or even on a mannequin (like they do on fashionphile)
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  11. Ok so one of the stores near my hometown (no, "near" is not the correct word since it is a 4h drive - one way). Anyhow - the store has the NF in stock so... it could be mine. :O Should I go there? Or should I order it? What if I don't like it. :O Hehe... all these questions... :biggrin:
  12. Anyone who has real mod shots with this pochette? Love the one to the right but it doesn't seem to have reached the production line :sad:
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  13. I think someone in the cruise 2018 thread posted a few images of the 3 available pochettes. I would recommend searching there although I don’t remebrr who did the post :smile:
    As for the neverfull I would say go for it! It’s better to have it shipped than to drive 8 hours. GL
  14. I went to my LV store to try on a NF GM and the Gracefull. I saw the Kabuki NF but I knew I didn’t want another MM so I easily passed on it. I asked if they had any of the bandeaus in the kabuki print and they had ONE that just came in....and it came home with me. Forgive the wrinkled sheet


    I’m wondering where I should put it, but I don’t want to tie it anywhere. I’m so happy it was this print, I love the Daruma!
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  15. I have the pochette on the left ... The one on the right was not produced
    Strap is standard LV short on me

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