The Jury's In - Gold Miroir Speedy

  1. So I took Goldie to LV today to see what the verdict is on the bubbling she's having.

    Turns out the store had called Paris about it after BF called about the bag

    Paris said that it is natural phenomenon with the bag, it is to be expected and there is nothing that can be done.

    I wish they could have called me so I didn't have to drive 2 hours to hear that plus 3 hours return journey (roadworks)

    This is a difficult situation I don't think saying oh that's just something the bag does it can't be helped is really a viable explanation on the other hand I really didn't want to lose the bag

    So I'm keeping Goldie (not that I had an option) if the situation gets worse I guess she'll find her way to eBay but right now I can live with it

    Oh and I came away empty handed from LV for the first time ever!
  2. OH I am sorry. They should have called you before the long drive.
  3. sorry to hear that you had to make such a long journey for not good news! keep us posted on her condition, at least all other miroir owners on the forum now have your story to turn to for advice.
  4. hi, C...

    Did they happen to mention this phenomenon happening to ALL miroir bags, especially the Lockit? I wonder if the shape of the Speedy vs. Lockit has anything to do with what happened to yours....

    I'm on the fence about selling mine. It's new. I've had it since they came out, but I haven't used it, but I don't want to regret my decision if I do decide to list it. I think if I knew LV was going to make smaller miroir items, like a small case or cles, I would do it. If the Miroir Lockit is the LAST of that line.....that would also factor into my decision. Anyway, sorry you had to waste a few hours in the car, kudos for your willpower leaving empty-handed...If it was me, I would probably need some consolation "gift" to myself, lol....
  5. That's ridiculous - if there were so many problems with the material that the bags can't stand up to light use, they should have made them with a different material, such as patent leather.
  6. holy smokes they should have called you I liked the bag but wouldn't bid on one now thanks for lettting us know.
  7. WOW Claire....they should have called...and I honestly could have guessed that they were going to say it was a natural phenomenom...which I really think is BS! So sorry *HUGS*
  8. Ugh, that's annoying. I'm sorry about your bag!
    I hope it doesn't happen to mine, I'm worried now.
  9. Yeah I kinda figured that was going to be the answer.

    Travelbliss they said that it's because it's a synthetic material that it happens
    And also that the problem is on the part where the bag is under stress it's basically where the side curves into the bottom so when things are in the bag because it's not structured in that area the material that takes the weight causing it to stretch etc

    I truely think the lockits will be fine becuase they have that extra base plate the papillions may be ok too because the strap goes all the way around and the pochette won't hold enough to be a problem

    I think only the speedies, keepalls and possibly alms (due to size) are at risk
  10. I have one comment to this kind of treatment:


    I guess it should've said in the booklet "don't stuff the purse" or "keep on shelf at home at all times in dark enclosed space" in addition to do not expose to heat, sun, toothpaste, moisturizer, human skin, rain, snow, dogs, infants and mother in laws... :cursing:
  11. Sorry about your bag and the long drive ... and I admire your self-control about walking away empty-handed ... I would have ended up with a "cheer up" item ...
  12. I agree with Twiggers, what BS they speak !, they say this about everything, how were you to know ?!?. The bag is soooooo expensive in the first place and this shouldnt be happening, we expect more from Louis Vuitton.
  13. Liberte is right. If LV had disclosed this "natural phenomenon" to you, I doubt you would have spent your money on the bag. It sure didn't say anything in the care booklet. That's a really shameful answer!!!

    And another thing...I can't believe you simply walked out. I would have gone ballistic. You're a good LV customer; do they really want to risk losing your business over something like this? Apparently, they do. What next?
  14. I would've ended up with an item of a differnet brand in that case. :push:
    Yeah, these answers always make me rethink getting something new. It's ok that things break when it's your fault or, if it's theirs, you get a prompt replacement. But these things are just not good at all.
  15. This is sad. Wish LV would be more transparent about quality concerns especially with their LE items.