The jungle of jeans

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  1. Jeans jeans jeans..........This is a thread about jeans in general, no skinny vs bootcut discussion, but brands....OK here are the big ones I know :
    Please correct me if I'm wrong !!!

    So we have the oldies US :

    The US stars :

    The Frenchies :
    -Blue Cult
    -Le temps des Cerises
    -Paul and Joe

    The English edge :
    -Pepe jeans

    The Italian invasion :
    -Miss Sixty

    The Spanish gang :

    The Swedish coolness:
    -Tigers of Sweden
    -Cheap Monday

    -> different brand positionning, different qualities, different prices, different cuts, different know-how.....
    I would be interested in knowing your experiences about these brands the good and bads, and if you know where they are made.

    I am personally fed up with paying 250 $ for a pair being made in China (hello Diesel ), 150 $ for a pair where stitches go off after 2 months (Miss Sixty),
    not finding one single fitting cut and get my (usual) size 27 up to my....knees !! (Levi's), the jeans go up 2 sizes after washing (le temps des cerises).......but I like my long lasting cheap Lee !! and can't find a shop selling Cheap Monday where they are not sold out.

    Your turn !!!!!
  2. Add to US- Rock and Republic, I love mine but the buttons pop off all the time.
    And Paige Premium Denim. For Miss Sixty I go to their outlet. All current cuts and washes and all $79 or under!!
  3. wait wait you forgot about true religions, they're really low cut but i love them
  4. Hudson
    Taverniti So
    Farmer Industry
    Blue Cult

    These are some brands I own and really am fond of :smile:
  5. I'm pretty sure Notify is a french brand.

    Add Tsubi and Sass & Bide both famous for their contributions to the skinny-jeans trend. Both Aussies.
  6. I own a couple of Buffalo jeans.. They are pretty comfortable..
    Buffalo - Spanish
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