The Juice gets loose: OJ Simpson granted parole after nine years

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  1. The Juice gets loose: OJ Simpson granted parole after nine years with former football star, 70, set to walk free in October
    • OJ Simpson was granted parole on Thursday after nine years in prison and will walk free in October
    • Simpson was joined by close friend Tom Scotto, his sister Shirley Baker, and his daughter Arnelle at his parole hearing on Thursday
    • The proceedings kicked off on a light note, with Simpson looking relaxed and fit and thin as he was seen for the first time in four years
    • The mood in the room quickly turned however when Simpson began to detail the events that occurred the night of his 2007 robbery
    • Simpson got combative saying he never robbed anyone and that the property he stole was his own while arguing he never had a drinking problem
    • The former football star, 70, was also revealed to have not followed through on classes he promised the parole board he would complete

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  2. I was watching it for a little while. OJ got a bit, shall we say, intense during the testimony. He stills sees himself as the victim in the sports memorabilia robbery fiasco. But of course he would.
  3. I think that OJ getting parole is an awful idea! It's clear that he isn't fit to be released since he still sees himself as the victim in the robbery, like bag-mania said. Additionally, who knows what he'll get into after he's released. Look at what happened after he was found not guilty for the infamous murder trials! He landed himself back in prison for robbery! WTH!
  4. I cannot believe he literally said, “I basically have spent a conflict-free life."
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  5. Well he's maintained his innocence before, during and after the murder trial (I've never been fully convinced he committed that crime and oscillate between possible and nah but that's another story). He made some piss poor decisions in handling the whole situation from the moment it was found she was murdered. Even the robbery situation, someone stole his memorabilia which prompted him to make piss poor decisions in attempts to reclaim his stolen property. Clearly in his mind he's viewing it as things happening to him as opposed to him making some piss poor decisions. Delusional or not, it's clear that he sees himself as a victim. I have no sympathy for him.
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  6. He better go stay with Arnell, play golf and just stay quite from here on out
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  7. Give it time. He will be calling Kris J for representation or a guest appearence.
  8. from this documentary I saw and some interviews with Kris, she's distanced herself since the murders. Kris loves a dollar, but I can't see her doing anything with him
  9. [​IMG]
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  10. I will be very interested to see what he gets into (and with whom gets into it) once he is released. I imagine he is pretty toxic with celebrities, and I cant imagine the Kardashian-Jenners will be dumb enough to associate with him. But you know he will come looking for another 15 minutes of fame - I've concluded he is addicted to it after watching the Oscar winning documentary on him a few months ago.
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  11. He did mention something about starting a blog or website or something along those lines during the hearing today
  12. he'll be back in jail in 3.....2.......1......
  13. His daughter was perfect. So sincere and believable. At first, I thought she would get melodramatic, since she faltered and it seemed too staged, having to take a moment, but when she started talking, she was wonderful.
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  14. Sigh...I can see this happening.

    I agree with the news people that say he lacked remorse.
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  15. It was like 1995 again. Coverage, opinions, OJ, legal stuff.
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