The Joys of Magic Eraser!

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  1. I recently purchased a Petit Noe on EBay for a fantastic price. I had it authenticated of course, and began the process of breathing new life into her!

    Here are the photos from the auction: Noe


    I used a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, wet slightly each time, to rub at all the dirty vachetta. I let it dry between each rubbing. Once the vachetta was evenly clean I layered Appleguard Leather conditioner over it, again letting it dry between each layer. (NOTE: while this process did clean all the leather beautifully, it will deepen the patina! The vachetta is now a beautiful even honey color but it IS darker than before.) Finally I did layers of the Appleguard Protector, at which point I started to panic a little as it looked like there were water spots all over the place! I let it dry for an hour and thank goodness it all evaporated and left me with a lovely, even, clean vachetta! A quick wipe of conditioner on the canvas and voila!


    And more photos here: Noe After

    I hope this helps anyone trying to decide how to clean their vintage beauties!
  2. Oh wow- thanks for sharing, and gratz on your PN! I have to admit, I've shied away from Mono PN due to the vachetta issue, but seeing this has defo made me reconsider! :biggrin:
  3. Wow, great job! Your diligence definitely paid off. Congrats!
  4. Wow great job! I'm scared to use these products on my bags, but this is proof!
  5. You did an amazing job!
  6. Holy poop!!! Amazing job!!!
  7. Amazing what a little TLC can do to a vintage bag. Congrats on your success

    Enjoy your lovely vintage bag
  8. That is a HUGE difference! The bag looks great.....Where do you get a product like that? I have always steered away from mono for that exact reason.....
  9. Oh my goodness! It looks fantastic! You did such an amazing job-you give me the courage to try a "project" like this!
  10. Amazing results! Congrats, love the Leopard bandeau too!
  11. oh wow that's great! thank you :smile:
  12. Wow it looks great ! I keep thinking to buy vintage bags but wonder how to clean the vachetta !
  13. Beautiful job! Thanks for posting!
  14. Wow....fabulous bag and you did a great job bringing her back to life. I ordered and just received the Apple Care Conditioner and Cleaner yesterday (for future pre-loved purchases). Glad to know it does such a fantastic job!!!
  15. Great Job!!