The Joy of Kids ~ Pictures

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  3. OMG! That poor kid with all the pads stuck on him! That's almost borderline child abuse!:roflmfao:
  4. OMG...The kid with the pads!!! LOL LOL I have two boys! I call them WILD MONKEYS! I probably have some of the same photos of them.....LOL. ***NOT Any with any alcohol bottles however....I don't like that picture and I truly hope there's no beer in those! Now that is child abuse! Not cute at all!
  5. The sleeping baby and dog is priceless! hehe.
  6. They are priceless piccies :biggrin:

    I love the baby asleep with her head on her cupboard. Sometimes a gals just got to sleep wherever lol!!!
  7. That picture with the white paint makes me want to flip out right now! lol
  8. funny!
  9. Okay, the picture of the paint? What would you even do? Besides sell the kids on eBay, of course.
  10. OMG, these pics are funny. I love the one with the pads stuck all over him. Something I'd find my daughter doing.
  11. Cute! The first one is hilarious!
  12. LOL... These are hilarious
  13. omg the poor
  14. I'm laughing so hard!!!!!! Love it!