The joy of July- Share your July 2016 Chanel purchases

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  1. image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg It's my birthday month and I was very lucky to find the Chanel shoes and bag I had been looking for a long long time! :smile::heart: The slingbacks with block heels are mine, the flats are my friend's. And my lovely new baby- lambskin taupe square mini with gold hardware. :love:
  2. HQ, way to start off the month with your two beautiful purchases!! Love that taupe mini [emoji7][emoji7][emoji7]
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  3. Such a beautiful color! Love it! Is it from the new Rome collection?:smile:
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  4. Love the color of this mini, simply gorgeous!!! Congrats & Enjoy :smile:
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  5. That mini bag is gorgeous!! The color is a perfect compliment to any outfit :smile:
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  6. Congrats! Did you find the taupe mini in the boutique! Love the colour!!
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  7. Thank you all! The mini is pre-loved, it's from 2014. But the previous owner barely used her and she still looks and feels brand new!
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  8. It's so pretty I gotta comment again!! [emoji23] seriously wanting a taupe or blush in my collection now!!! [emoji847]
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  9. image.jpeg You absolutely must! Neutrals are seriously the best! They go with everything. I am a neutral addict for sure!
  10. What a pretty combo. Taupe and gold. Definitely loving your neutral collection!! [emoji173]️
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  11. Fabulous!!! :love:
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  12. WOW I love these!!! How awesome is it that you got the shoes you've been going after in time for your birthday?!??!?! That taupe mini is beautiful! Both sought after and difficult to acquire pieces. Happy Happy birthday!!!!

    I really liked the look and versatility of those slingbacks too, but unfortunately they're not comfortable for me maybe because my feet were wider? so had to pass on them myself :sad: but I get to see others on this forum wear them beautifully :smile:
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  13. On the first day of July I bought this amazing Boy, I am in love! Thanks for letting me share :smile:

    Our cat wanted to be part of the photoshoot :smile:


    A close up of the amazing stitching:
    rsz_img_0482 (1).jpg
  14. Jumbo Pink Quilted Lambskin Classic Flap with SHW :love:

  15. Gorgeous boy!! And cute kitty [emoji4]
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