The Josephine & Emilie Wallet Club!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. gorgeous! but any1 tried to fit the phone in the Josephine, is it possible?
  2. YES! I put it in the long pouch in the back and it fits great! Not all the way in the bottom, in the top as soon as you open it :smile:
  3. Hi!
    I don't have an iphone but my blackberry fits perfectly and I still have TONS of room to spare! I am going to attach some pictures so that you can see. Hopefully this helps!

    When you close the wallet with the phone in it, you cant even tell teh difference because its not bulky at all!
    pic1- where i put my phone
    2- wallet closed with phone in it
    3- size comparison
    4-you still have room for lots of stuff!:yahoo:

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  4. Congrats everyone and i am in too!!! yay..

  5. Okay....the enabling has worked. I need one immediately...:girlsigh:
  6. I'm in. Got the Josephine wallet in Red. I posted a pic with my Artsy in the Arsty club.
  7. I'm jealous! I want one so bad, but I hate the colors...I wish it came in pink or purple!!
  8. @ smfjs and cherrylollipopsa: you guys rocks! now that J proves that she is as spacious yet slim! love it xxx
  9. thanks to all the lovelie emilie owners here....

    here is mine, fresh from boutique an hour ago, hehz!

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  10. I'm IN!!!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: After drooling over ur beautiful Emilies and Josephines, i finally got mine today. I got the red Josephine. Unfortunately my baby is not with me, cause i left it to get heat stamped. I'll post pics when i have it on Saturday! so excited just wanted to share!
  11. HI Guys - I got my lovely Joshephine for Valentines day from my Hubby. Sadly though my first outing with her and my new Artsy MM and the popper came clean off !!!!! I was devastated.

    I took her back into to London and they replaced her straight away and did my heat stamp the same day as my hubby had it done for me and it normally takes 1 week so I was thrilled to have her back agin - YEAH, the only thing is I feel the heat stamping is slightly off center and I wish I had my origonal one repaired instead but it would have to go back to Paris to be done as a new wallet they had no replacement bits.

    Anyway all is good now and I am using her everyday !!! A great wallet and I love the change section - perfect and a big thumbs up LV.... a super wallet all round.
  12. Red Josephine with Golden heat stamped initials.

  13. ^^^ Stunning!!!!! :drool:

    I want one so bad, I'm adding it to my wishlist.
  14. I want to get either of them but those only have 4 credit card slots. How do you store extra credit cards?
  15. love my emilie! been waiting for a long wallet that is not heavy... i can say that it's worth the wait! :yahoo:

    i originally had the blue...then my mom bought the red and i asked her if we could exchange...after a few days of using the red i really can't get the blue emilie out of my mind so i got the blue from her again :biggrin:

    so here she lovely blue emilie! ;)