The Josephine & Emilie Wallet Club!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Finally a blue!
  2. Any more pics of the blue??
  3. Went to look at both the Josephine and Emilie today when I picked up my repair - I thought I had decided on the Josephine, but was glad I checked both - decided on the Emilie! However, they didn't have it in I just ordered online!

    Can't wait!
  4. I got the red emilie last week.
  5. I got my red emilie today!
  6. How many card slots in the emilie?
  7. 4 slots
  8. I saw these IRL yesterday - I couldn't belive hwo soft and supple they are. I hoping to get a red josephine while in Paris in APril...will they still be available :confused1:
  9. I am loving these wallets more and more... Glad to know that it fits your iphone, thanks lisalovesshoes for showing us.

  10. Congrats!!!!! lvoe the blue! If I had the epi speedy in blue I would definitely get this.....
  11. I love all your wallets!
    Are these LE or are they permanent? Just want too know if I have to hurry to the store or if I have time. haha
  12. I got the Emilie in red and absolutely love it!
  13. Oooh I'm a member!


  14. I want one now!! :nuts:
  15. omg... i want one!!!!!