The Josephine & Emilie Wallet Club!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I got a red emilie! It's great!
  2. I've got both Red Josephine and red Emilie...So happy now!!:yahoo:
  3. I'm gonna be the member very soon... but which one? Emilie or Joesphine
  4. My red emilie, valentine's gift from DH. Love it!!! :yahoo:

  5. i ordered josephine in red two days ago... once i get her i will also post pics! =) i can't wait
  6. I can join this club now...I love this wallet, it's so soft and the removable pouch is great..i also love how there is a compartment in the back, the long one, i don't know what it's for, but it's great!hahah... I was planning on getting it in a few months but DH surprised me with it for Valentines Day!! congrats to everyone else too..all of the colors are bold & beautiful!!

    *I really wish my cpt would let me upload the pics i have on files taken w my real camera, but it'll only let me post pics from my web cam..sorry for crappy pics, but at least there are a lot of these for reference already!!

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  7. you're not the only one!!!:graucho:

  8. sooo pretty! congrats! :yahoo::yahoo:
  9. ^^thank you...DH keeps making fun of me for paying when we go out cause i want to pull out my wallet=)
  10. ^^ LOL!! I TOTALLY understand you!!!!! It makes me happy just looking at it.
  11. for those of you that have had your new wallets for over a week, do you still love? :biggrin:
  12. ^^ yes!! yes!! very much! :yahoo:
  13. Lovely wallets everyone - just visiting so far.:graucho:
  14. Finally, I'm here!!!! Blue one^^
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  15. i want a red one ! its gorgeouss