The Josephine & Emilie Wallet Club!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Hi my fellow Josephine wallet owners! Got this in February have you had this issue ?
  2. I have had mine for a couple of years and never had an issue but I know a lot of others have had issues with the button
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  3. Me new Emilie Wallet love the pink :hbeat:

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  4. My Emilie! I actually don’t use her as a wallet, but as a little clutch for dressier occasions. Works perfect.
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  5. I just wanted to share my 3.5 year old Emilie wallet. Pics are attached. The front flap has curled on mine A LOT. I tried putting heavy books on top of the flaps in hopes of it straightening out, but it didn’t work. Everything else about the wallet is fine, like the credit card slots, the leather button and pull, glazing is ok. I’m not very happy when pulling out this wallet anymore. I’ve seen the Emilie wallet on Kijiji and consignment sites, and they’re almost always curled or it’s getting there.

    The reason why I decided not to sell it is because I got it heat stamped with my initials and that the flaps are curled. Who would buy a wallet that doesn’t look good with someone else’s initials? I thought I would want to use this wallet forever because I loved everything about it when I purchased it.

    EDIT: I forgot to mention that whenever I open the wallet, I always open it from the button and not the flaps!

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  6. I would try heating up the canvas in the sun or with a blow dryer then unbuttoning it, laying it flat, then putting something heavy on it until it completely cools.
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  7. I have the Josepine version and wish I had bought the Emilie for the bigger size. If you decide to sell yours please let me know!
  8. I was excited to join this club but unfortunately it wasn't meant to be. I bought an Emilie online and when it arrived, it wasn't love. The construction of the wallet didn't feel worth the price. :sad:
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  9. Hi All Josephine lovers, Could you tell me if the coin insert fit US bills by itself? Trying to see if I could use it in my clutch without the entire wallet at times. Thanks!