The Jills are drunk blogging together & have a question

  1. Jill is here with me and drinking chocolate martinis with me (I'm a great bartender! and Jill agrees!) and we're thinking about Hawaii for our March birthday spectacular.

    What island should we go to?? We need some good shopping!

  2. Go to Molaki (is that the correct spelling)? Used to be leper island. No lepers left, but there is a great place...Molaki Ranch Resort.
  3. Jealous. My wine sucks (about to pitch it down the sink).

    I have no idea about the islands.. but can I tag along? :shame:

    p.s. my birthday is in April... :biggrin:
  4. Maybe I should crack something open....It's not alcoholism if we drink together is it:nuts:
  5. I'm drinking wine right out of the bottle. That's what happens when DH is not home.
  6. If it's all about the shopping, I think Oahu or Maui.

  7. That really is my whole life's belief.
  8. My DH is NOT home either (basketball game) okay here I go to get the wine! maybe I'll be drunk blogging too~ Doesn't take much:drinkup: LOL!
  9. ^^^Drink out of the bottle! haha
  10. I would but it is already in the caraffe (sp) I say Oahu~ In my Travel Conde Naste it was rated the top travel destination!:beach:
  11. having my first glass (or two) of wine since the flu, my birthday is in march also can I come, don't care what island as long as it's hot!
  12. MAUI!!! Stay on Ka'anapali Beach, Hyatt is good or Four Season off a ways.
  13. Mmmmmm, Chocolate Martinis!

    Maui would be my choice. If you want a sweet place to stay, stay at the Grand Wailea Grand Wailea Resort Hotel & Spa beach vacations in Maui Hawaii | Official Website of Grand Wailea Resort Hotel & Spa Wailea, Maui, Hawaii There's a great shopping center in Wailea (there's an LV and a good Tommy Bahama shop and restaurant) and it's not too far from Lahaina (about 30 minutes in the car). I got married at the Kea Lani, which is still nice, but it was nicer when it wasn't a Landmark Hotel. The Kea Lani will always be special to me though.

    Or, you can stay in Kaanapali. A step down in the accommodations from the Grand Wailea, but there is a Weston or a Hyatt. Kaanapali is really close to Lahaina. And at Whaler's Village there's an LV.

    At the far end (sorry I'm not good with my east and west) is Kapalua and there's a Ritz there. We haven't stayed there, but they have a great sushi bar and DH likes to play golf there because that's where the Mercedes classic is held. Kapalua is a long drive from the airport and Lahaina.

    Whew! Sorry for rambling. Have a great trip!
  14. Did someone say wine? I've got a nice bottle o' merlot goin' here...
  15. I think we need to start a separate thread for Drunk blogging:graucho: ...I am In! I haven't had a drink in over a month:nuts: First couple of sips down!:supacool: