The Jills are back....

  1. My eyes are swollen shut Im so tired..So Im gonna make this a quick thread..LOL...
    Heres my purchases.......
    Jillybean got the most most KILLER Chanel bag...too!!And AWESOME shoes that i want badly!!!HEE!HEE!(Jill-post yer pics woman!!)
    [​IMG]Chanel cruise bag

    [​IMG]Chanel Cruise Ballerinas
  2. [​IMG]Gucci Cruise Britt bag
  3. [​IMG]NEW Dior Cruise bag

    [​IMG]AND matching shoes...LOL.....
  4. [​IMG][​IMG]LV bag for my daughter....and LIM edition snow globe
  5. Great stash! Love the Dior shoes. Glad you're back Jillies!
  6. I have never seen this Gucci bag before. Is it a new style? Love it and rest of your purchases.
  7. OMG great Haul from Paris, I love everything:yahoo:uuh wasn't you supposed to bring snow globes back for everyone:confused1::graucho:
  8. Glad you had a wonderful trip :smile: and awesome things you bought! ^^
  9. All the purchases I made are from the new Cruise collections(except LV)..My biggest dissappointmt was that Prada didnt have any new stuff in yet....LOL..I was MAJORLY BUMMED!
  10. WOW! Looks like you had a GREAT trip! Very glad to have you two back. Enjoy your new purchases.
  11. ^^^ OMG me too! Haha, Jill I thought you might have bought everything new from Prada, but I guess not!

    Did you see the Gucci bags with the dangly red mushroom charms? I thought they were too hilarious.

    Love your purchases, esp. the Dior set.
  12. Jill, do you mind telling me the price of your lovely Gucci bag?:shame:
  13. ^ I saw those mushroom bags..I kinda liked them but Jillybean HATED them..LOL
    I really liked the Gucci Pink collection with the butterfly charms..I regret not buying a tote from that collection too...sniff...
  14. welcome back! great purchases, love the dior shoes!!! so hot!!! :love:
  15. Great haul, love that Gucci !!!
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