The Jersey (and NY) Girls Met for Lunch

  1. Met up with Rose, NinjaSue, Minnie and Rockerchic for lunch today!!!! :yahoo: :yahoo: They are all sooooooooooooooooo nice. We had such a great time. We all recognized each other immediately (by our bags, of course). Started off a little quite but by the end....well, I had to cut it short to run home for the school bus after 2 hours!!! Loved meeting all of you. are so interesting to talk to and listen to. Minnie you are so adorable. are so sweet. glad you made it. Loved talking to you too and I love the new bag requirements...we will convert you!!!We will definately have to do this again. Rose took pics...

    Speaking of Rose.....:shrugs:

    Ummmmmm, Rose,....

    anything to show us?

    Sprung an an orange box on us and I was running out the door.......


    :heart: :heart:
  2. How fun!!
    Rose, Rose....... Bueller......Bueller....
  3. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    I use that one with my kids all the time!!!
  4. Awww- I was just going to ask how it went!! Sounds like you had a blast and a lot of ladies I'm dying to meet. DQ didn't make it?
  5. So fun! Cannot wait to see the pics!
  6. no, DQ is chained to a desk weekdays . . . . :cursing:
  7. I am still so sad that I couldn't make it. I really hope to meet you all soon!!!
  8. Can I call in sick for you next time? :throwup: (Oooo...I finally found a use for that smiley...) I would love to meet you!!!
  9. Oh I had such a wonderful time! You are all so lovely! I am definitely a convert. I absolutely love the Kelly 32 in togo --perfect size for me and I need a durable leather where I don't have to worry about rain or little 4 year old grubbyness getting on it...You all tell togo the way to go? anything else I should consider?
    But (gasp) I've never seen a Birkin IRL! I'm thinking I should consider the Birkin 30 as well. Does it hold a simlar amount to the Kelly 32? Does anyone have both? If so, first, you are so lucky! and second, is there anyway you post a picture where they are side by side...
    Heart pounding, palms sweating, short of breath...
  10. Missed you, girl!
  11. Your girls in your avatar are absolutely adorable!!!
  12. We had a great lunch. It was nice meeting everyone. Everyone is so charming, funny and sweet. Princess I hope you made it to pick up your kids in time. Rockerchic I saw your two precious dolls on your icon, they are beautiful! Sue your very funny. Rose you are very sweet and I loved your bag. Jen you made me want to get an evelyn!! I had a great time.
  13. Rose pics please!!
  14. ^^Japster and Minnie, thanks for the sweet compliments on my girls!:love:
  15. How fun!!! What a wonderful day!!!

    DH is going to be in NJ next weekend. Wish I could go with him and meet you all! :shame: