The "Jennifer Aniston" BV Bag

  1. Hello Fellow Bottega Lovers

    I'm seriously thinking of special ordering the bag that Jennifer Aniston so famously carries. Has anyone ordered it before? What is it like? It's about 2000 dollars to order it and I'm seriously tempted.

  2. i don't of anyone who has taken the plunge considering it's $2000+ and no one has seen it IRL. from what i have heard it's small and it's made of leather and raffia.
  3. Hi, I actually owned it (from the original production). It is small - and it is made of leather with raffia for the woven part. It was nice, but a little too small for me and I wasn't a huge fan of the opening (two zippers which is nice, but not easy to get into unless you had two hands).

    I ended up selling mine on eBay. It is beautiful (like all BVs) but I didn't HAVE to have it...let me know if you have other questions about it. Hope this helps.
  4. I thought it was like $2700....
  5. pics please
  6. it's beautiful....don't get me wrong...

    I think I expected it to be bigger, but then you have to remember that jennifer aniston is really tiny - it just looked better proportioned on her than it did on me.
  7. Since I like both Aniston and Bottega, I was wondering when she got thsi bag - she used to carry the white Hogan tote as an everyday bag till the summer of 2005, when the gorgeous black Bottega appeared on her shoulder while she was shooting for 'The Break Up' in Chicago one day. She wore it in the movie too. My guess is she was out shopping and bought it at the Chicago boutique OR she was given it to wear in the movie and liked it so much she decided to keep it and remain glued to it for a couple years.


    <----- way too much time on my hands, :p
  8. Hi, I think I read that she was given the bag to use in the movie and she liked it so much that she kept it! Trust me, I think about this stuff all the time too. I'm pretty fickle with my bags and I switch them on a day to day basis and then tire of them pretty quickly (too quickly to be spending as much money on them as I do!) so I am really impressed that Jennifer has used this bag for as long as she has. Celebrities have access to anything they could possibly want and she still chooses this bag....interesting!
  9. Well, if she loves Bottega, she obviously has style and class, doesn't she? :smile:
  10. That bag was my favorite thing about The breakup movie! haha!
  11. I dont recommend you get this one, there are more beautiful bottegas, especially that the bag is a bit expensive.
  12. I wonder how it'd look on me? Compared to me, Jen Aniston is tall.

  13. Thank you all for your advice. I actually did the worst thing possible and went out and bought two Chanel bags instead. Oops. But I do still look at the picture and long for it. However I'm very tall and don't have Jen's figure so it would probably look awful on me. VKD