the "jeanne" bags have made me a dior addict

  1. hey ladies & gents!

    so a bit about myself: I'm really an LV girl at heart, with dabblings in other designer bags. I'm hear to tell you that I'm about to dabble again! ; )

    I know there hasn't been much positive feedback yet on the jeanne bags (based on the one other thread that I found after searching "jeanne"), but lemme tell you: I LOOOVE this bag!

    after doing kind of a mental inventory of all the dior bags that have been released (and I'm probably missing a ton of lines, but forgive me, dior is not my first love), in my opinion, of the: gaucho, flight bag, detective, bowling bag, d'trick, and hardcore dior collections, this looks like the most feminine bag that Galliano has ever made!

    wahoo! I'm HOOKED! : )

    I've attached two collages of the bag that I pieced together from detail shots of the show posted on


    (p.s. I've numbered the individual bags in the collages for easy reference.)

    my FAVOURITE is #8 !!!
    dior jeanne bag numbered.JPG dior jeanne bag 2 numbered.JPG
  2. :nuts: You're the first one on the forum who said that these bags actually made you into a Dior Addict! After what you said about the femininity of the bags, I took a look at your collages and my perceptions have definitely changed! Instead of thinking "armadillo" when I see the bags, I think "feminine", because they really are!

    If you get your hands on one, please post pics of it here to change our minds about this bag!!!!! Usually pics of bags from PFers make us add more bags to our ever-growing wish lists!!!!
  3. I actually like these bags, a change from the "Flowers" LOL
  4. I think they look like armor.
  5. :roflmfao::roflmfao: at the armadillo analogy. heh, that's still what i'm thinking. but hell, it's giving off a mad max, blade runner vibe too, so i think it's high time i start saving some money for it (if not, for the clutch at least). :push:

    but thanks for posting up your opinion and that lovely collage queenofcouture! i'm the opposite of you at the moment, a dior girl at heart but the lv vernis and epi lines are definitely luring me in. ;)
  6. Anything Epi, Vernis, and Miroir are too irresistable!!! Once I graduate, I'm getting something from these collections!!!
  7. you collage is fab but somehow i cant warm up to those jeanne bags ... but the clutch omg ! u just made my heart ache for it even more ! :drool:
  8. zerodross, if the epi line is luring you in, you should definitely try to find a piece in mandarin, as this is the most recently discontinued epi colour (and it is gorgeous)!

  9. LOL, sorry for being an enabler, nataliam1976!

  10. MayDay, I think the armadillo comment is totally valid! I myself am not a fan of the bags 1, 2, 3, and 4 in collage #1, because of the layering and venting of the material on the front of the bag. I think it makes the bag busier-looking than necessary.

    I also don't like the asymmetry of these four bags, that the layering and venting is on the front, but not on the back. At the same time, I'm sure if there were layering and venting on the back as well, these bags would have looked even busier (read: worse)!

    Now, on the other hand, I love the layering on bags #8 and #9, because it continues to the back of the bag (and thus, the bag is symmetrical), and because there is no venting, from what I can see. Of note: bag #9 is the small size to the medium Jeanne bag currently available on eLuxury!

    I think the clutches are brilliant (in fact, my mom typically preferred these to the actual Jeanne bags themselves :p ), but given the considerable workmanship put into each one, I imagine these could cost as much as (if not more than) the small Jeanne bags (#s 8 & 9). Given that the medium Jeanne bags are going for $2400 on eLuxury, I imagine a small Jeanne bag would cost anywhere from $15-1800 (just a guess, though).

    I'll definitely post pictures if I end up getting one. I have my sights set on the small Jeanne mint green bag (#8). I prefer smaller bags, as you get a taste of the style and design elements without the bag dominating your whole look.

    It's a very noncommital approach to buying bags, I think! :p

  11. You're very observant! I never noticed that the pattern (draping) wasn't continued on the back for some of the bags (and I don't like how it's not).

    I'm starting to become interested in the Jeanne bags, too. The chainmail and ring-mesh trim is absolutely beautiful, and the layered draping effect looks very luxurious and elite, because the exotic materials are used in excess of what is needed to form the bag. Still, the price is far too high for me at the moment, and there are a lot of other bags that I prefer over this one. But you can probably change my mind on that once you get one and post pics...this happens to me quite often on TPF!:nuts:

    The Dior Fall 2007 rtw line comes out in two weeks! I can't wait to see the new line of bags!!!! I can think of a million ways that Dior can work the theme of the Spring 07 bags into pieces that just speak to me...maybe a messenger bag with the brass stuff on the front:love:.
  12. I like it.
  13. i think they look like pretty!
  14. still not into jeanne so much but those shoes ? aaaahhh .... :heart: :drool: :heart:
  15. those heels look like they could kill. what i mean is they look drop-DEAD gorgeous. :graucho: