The Japan site

  1. Hi everyone. I am farily new to tPf... I look but don't post. But I have to ask, has anyone seen the Japan site? I just went on and noticed that there are some different bag styles there. Too bad I can't read Japanese...
  2. I've never actually seen that site! Dang, I used to be fluent in Japanese...... makes me sad I can't read it now. Sometimes they have really cool stuff that we don't get and it ends up on eBay later.
    Anyway, thanks for sharing!
  3. Very cool...thanks for sharing!
  4. there's no canada coach website is there? too bad official coach site doesnt ship anything to canada.:crybaby:
  5. They have a lot of really nice stuff on their site, a lot of the bags they have I can't seem to find here anymore and there's one that I really love! I hope they sell this one over here!

  6. ^holy CRAP, that's gorgeous!
  7. That's awesome!! Thanks for sharing this with us!
  8. nm.
  9. They have a lot of new legacy that isn't on the US website yet. They have some of the older legacy that is hard to get, like the legacy french purse with the gold interior.

    I really like the first new legacy satchel style bag! I hope its not a Japan only bag.

    These are all marked New Legacy on their web page:


    NO longer on US website:


    Oh and here is the link to the Japanese catalog! It's different.
  10. i think i like japan better.

    as if i needed another reason to leave the country! :p
  11. LOL me too! They still have the skull charm and a lot of other stuff that is hard to find in the US!
  12. eh, still nothing that interests me. oh well.
  13. they have a legacy tote that will be available here july 30

  14. ^ That tote is gorgeous! One of my friends is going abroad to Japan so hmmm :devil: