the JADE thread!

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  1. My yukon snow arrived today! Allan had some personal issues come up last week so we weren't able to arrange a meet time. He so kindly mailed me the bangle instead so I could look at it and decide. I think he is entirely too honest... I can barely even tell the surface flaw is there. Now that he's told me, I can feel it cause I know where it is but I seriously doubt I would have caught it if he hadn't told me.

    I'm definitely keeping it, I'm so in love with it, I don't know what to do because I only want to wear one bangle and now I love both of my two. (There are definitely worse problems to have. :lol:)

    I think the only thing I did was miscalculate that I should have asked for a tiny bit bigger diameter because the width on this bangle is so much thicker than I'm used to. It's a 55mm and I probably should have asked for something more like a 57mm if I wanted to be able to slip it on and off. I have to use soap now but it's really not a problem because I find I like the snugger fits.

    Ok quick photos that are not so great because I'm not left handed... :P

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  2. Very beautiful!
  3. Ski Jadeite, thanks so much for the compliments! It was a HUGE amount of work at a time when I actually had the energy. I am grateful though that there is a testament to that time in my life. The whole thing was just very scary, half crazy and nearly killed me.

    Molly0, thanks so much. Gosh, your bangle is GORGEOUS!!!! I love the way you stack it with the metal bangles. I love stacking too. It's such an opulent look, but understated as always with jade.

    AJmeow, JEEZZZZZZ that is one AMAZING BANGLE!! Wooohooo! It's just PERFECT! What a keeper. It's a work of art! Congratulations! The size seems just right to me. Gracious the color and patterns are stunning and striking.
  5. Thank you dear!
    I just started the test and still wait if we match and if not so I will donate for someone else and someone will donate to my FIL
  6. AJ: Gorgeous! Love the vivid green!!!

    Do you mind sharing where you bought your beautiful bling?

    Claire: That's an amazing Italian residence you have there. Do you list it with vrbo, or on any internet site?
  7. Claire! You have found your art in italy. Is it called a villa? Artists love Italy.... now i know why. Love your place. So happy that you and your kids have such a special bond with the grandparents and that summer will be with them forever. Hugs.
  8. AJMeow,
    So so happy for you!! Your YS is so stunning, a work of art, really. You are very very fortunate to be able to get one. Congrats and enjoy!!!

  9. Here's one with my yellow & white gold bangle "sisters"[/QUOTE]

    Molly, the bangle sisters keep perfect company with ellen which is so adorable.
  10. Thank you very much my dear!
  11. Dynasty,
    I am really touched by your kind and very loving generosity. Blessings to you! :heart:
  12. Dynasty, you have a gift to hear the call of the jade. These are amazing and in the tradition of nirvana, pepper jack and indian summer. Love your collection!

    I am so sorry to hear abt fil's health problems. You have the biggest heart and my prayers for you both for the best outcome. Take care.
  13. Thank you Hun!
    I got the bangles from Boston, MA :smile:
  14. Jade4me, if you like allan's work and are curious what he has in store, just get in touch. Just be prepared to fall in love! That said, you can get a mug tree to hang your bangles!
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