the JADE thread!

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  1. JKP: Smoke is gorgeous! I swear I have the memory span of a goldfish right now because I didn't remember how gorgeous it was. Where did you get it again?

    Jade4Me: I really like your spring green bangle. Too bad it's too large. Maybe you can buy a smaller bangle and wear them stacked?

    Allan is a artisan (I'm not sure what the proper term for what he does is... jewelry carving???) in CA. His FB has more recent photos of his works: . Just about every single Yukon Snow bangle in his gallery (that's the green stone with the gold and white flecks) has gone to a jade sister here on the forums thanks to Claire. :biggrin:

    NYCP: Geez, I thought buying a house out here in san francisco area was bad... glad I don't have to try it in NYC. Also... I hope you don't mind but I want to try to get my nails done like yours with the ladybugs. i love it so much! :biggrin: I'm trying to find a good place out here to do gel nails.

    Molly0: It looks amazing! More photos pls!

    Dynasty: Wow! Your FIL is so lucky to have you that you are a donor match and willing to make such an amazing thing. Good luck! And I think this definitely calls for a few jade gifts from the family.

    Miss Oinky: I saw that bangle and was admiring it! I think that's a pretty legit seller. I do think the bangle is probably not as lavender as the photos are showing based on the certification photo. It looks a lot like my Silkie in that the lavender show up beautifully in photos but in real life, it mostly looks pale green and white. The lavender only seems to show up in certain lighting. (Which I personally love but I imagine if the lavender were more prominent, that price would be a lot higher.) It's a great price for a lovely bangle though.

    Claire: Ugh, I'd have been melting down through the whole process. Your gamble paid off but I can't imagine the stress of spending so much money, not knowing if things are proceeding properly! Do you have any photos of the place we can see?!

    JKP: I hear you about traveling with kids. Just getting out the door to visit the great grandparents (who live 20 minutes away) is this big ordeal and takes 3x as long as it used to before we had kids. The thought of attempting an overseas vacation makes my head just want to implode. :lol:
  2. Those bangles are amazing! And you are an amazing person to do such an unselfish act to help your father-in-law! Donating a kidney is major medical surgery! I wish you and your father-in-law the best of luck, and to a fast and speedy recovery. :smile:
  3. Thank you! I don't wear any of my bangles very often and when I do, maybe only once overnight. Though now I know from this thread that one should not wear B or B+C bangles very long because of the chemicals used to process them. :sad: So now I'll make sure to take them off every night. I'll take a look at the Container Store website later!
  4. Thank you so much for the wealth of info above! I did a quick search on ebay for a jade bangle stand and the store Uni_jade came up for selling bangles from Hong Kong. Are they reputable?

    I hope Spring Green is A grade as she is very pretty to look at. It would be nice if at least ONE of my 4 bangles is A grade. But they didn't cost enough to justify sending them out for testing. Would any UV flashlight do to check jadeite?
  5. Dynasty, wow those are AMAZING!!! And once again, as in keeping with your style, just so unique and beautiful! How do you find these amazing bangles? I'm so impressed!! Congratulations! I hope you know that your courage and kindness makes you deserve those bangles 110%

    Thanks Silver Mom, Vixy, AJmeow and JKP for the support about the Italian property! Vixy, it so happened that the place we bought is very large, so eventually my parents bought a percentage and they travel there every year for a few months and maintain it. I couldn't be more grateful for this arrangement as the place is 500+ (maybe older) years old and things always need upkeep big time. We do rent it out as a vacation rental and it's great for the opera season as it sleeps at least 7 or 8.
  6. Jade4me, Uni_jade sells some bad quality bangles along with some descent ones. I bought 2 there quite cheaply and I was shocked at how ugly they were. Only partially jadeite (jadeite is an agglomerate stone which needs at least 80% jadeite to be called jadeite. There are mixers of less jadeite then that.) This is what we received....maybe some jadeite mixed with some other minerals. The polish was abysmally bad and they were totally uneven. I would recommend buying with caution from them for the quality, though I do believe the things are A grade.

    Regarding the UV, you should get a dual wave uv light because some polymer will only show under short wave, and vice versa. Do it when it's dark in the room. Some bits might glow, which could be dirt or other minerals, but if the whole thing glows then you know it's treated.

    Keep in mind though, that this test is pretty good, but not 100%. There are a range of polymers that were and are used. But I would say if it's treated, it has a good chance of glowing. There are other treatment signs that I can go through if the UV light test doesn't make it clear. The only sure thing to do is to send them in though if you want total certainty.
  7. Dynasty,
    You are definitely an angel. :heart: Will be praying for you and your fil.
    My fil had kidney transplants in China -- twice -- many years ago. :hugs:

    Hope your father will get better soon.
    BTW, love your Ellen -- I could definitely see the lavender, and the bits of green. Very pretty.

    I think I know how you feel about bangle size that is a bit bigger. I could wear my Spring without lotion or plastic bag. Spring is beautiful, but it's not "perfect". :thinking: That's why I'm still looking... looking... looking... sigh

    Thank you for info on narrower width. I think I'm going to give it a try -- something to stack with Spring.

    How lucky that you got to get Custard and Cream!! They look so sweet and of course Tiffin's comment about 'cendol' makes me crave.
  8. AJmeow, here are some pics of the city....and one of the various views of the interiors.


    Barga Italy-from Il Ciocco-L.jpg

    barga interior.jpg
  9. A few more...

    barga bed.jpg

    barga hall.jpg

    barga bed2.jpg

    barga bath.jpg
  10. A few more...

    barga salon.jpg

    barga living.jpg

    barga living1.jpg

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  11. #71 Apr 17, 2014
    Last edited: Apr 17, 2014
    Sorry they are so small..they don't do much to convey the sense of space, but you get a rough idea. If anyone wants better pictures I can post them. Amazingly, Home and Garden TV featured the property along with a couple of others during a special about buying/fixing up residences in Italy. I did all of the wall painting, and many of the other 'repairs' when I got there. It was filthy, hadn't been lived in in like 50 years...with wall paper falling down. It took me 7 months of non stop work.
  12. Oh, wow. Totally WOW, dear talented Claire!!

    The house really shows classic European style. Your artistic personal style also shows throughout the house -- from the soft seafoam green double door and lavender curtain, the Tuscany orange, the whole color palette -- traditional yet romantic!! I'm utterly in awe.

    The city where it is located is like a dream. You and your family are really blessed to be able to own this amazing property.

    Thank you so much for sharing with us.

  13. So sorry that your FIL needs it and totally admire your willingness to donate! You are a beautiful woman in and out!
  14. [QUOTE
    Molly0: It looks amazing! More photos pls!

    Here's one with my yellow & white gold bangle "sisters"

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